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We asked the Cult of the Lamb developers too many questions about its sex update

Going to start a sex cult now

The lamb from Cult of the Lamb. It is staring with it’s mouth agape and its eyes look big as it stares at something in the distance. Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital
Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

Yes, the rumors are true. The team behind the roguelike management sim Cult of the Lamb is adding sex to the game.

It started on Tuesday, when the developers issued a challenge to fans: If the game’s X (formerly Twitter) account hit 300,000 followers, they would add sex to the game. Well, call it an act of divine intervention, but the account gained more than 113,000 followers within two days, and Massive Monster announced that it would officially be adding sex to the game. But while we know Cult of the Lamb will be getting sex, this only spurred even more questions about the raunchy update. Polygon spoke to developers in a written Q&A to learn more about the now-infamous “sex update” and what fans can expect.

Cult of the Lamb is an action-adventure game with management sim elements. As you play, you fight your way through dungeons, and amass followers and religious doctrines to build a thriving demonic cult. Massive Monster and Devolver Digital first released the game in 2022. The developers said that they will add the sex components to the game as part of the game’s Sins of the Flesh update, which is scheduled to launch in “early 2024.” Sins of the Flesh will be a free update, but players can purchase a paid cosmetics pack as well.

But the biggest question remains: What will the sex look like in the game? Cult of the Lamb features a cast of adorable anthropomorphic animals, but the promise of sex leaves a lot to be imagined. On this note, the team assured Polygon that the game’s ESRB rating will remain the same.

“We used games like Pokémon and The Sims when it comes to references, but put our own cult-ish spin on things. The age rating will not change,” the studio said in a statement to Polygon.

Cult of the Lamb has its fair share of vulgar content, and it very openly critiques organized religion. On top of that, the team has cultivated a unique voice on social media that relies on stunts like this to garner attention. In September, the brand account made news when it tweeted a joke about deleting the game following Unity Technologies’ announcement of install-based fees. It’s not all that surprising that the developers would add sex to the game. Given this, Polygon asked the team if the update was planned earlier, or if it truly started with this tweet.

“We have been working on Sins of the Flesh since we finished the last update earlier this year,” the studio said. “When it comes to follower fornication it was something we workshopped a long time ago and didn’t go with, but now our programmers are working on the update as we speak. Our team is very talented and we have no doubt that it will be ready for release. We always finish on time.”

So there you have it. We don’t have all the details yet, but the team is already hard at work. Now, because of roughly 100,000 horndogs on X, the fandom has cursed the Massive Monster programmers with the task of developing animal sex. Thank the lamb gods.

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