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The new Overwatch animated short is Saturday morning cartoon goodness

A Great Day stars Mauga being a silly guy

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Talon are the bad guys in Overwatch, and so they’ve taken more than a few Ls in the lore of the FPS hero shooter. Mauga, the game’s newest hero and a powerful tank, is accompanied with an animated short all about Talon — and this time, they walk away with a big win.

A Great Day is a new animated short from Blizzard, and it’s incredibly charming. The 2D art style, combined with the attention put into each character’s expressions, gives the animation a fun Saturday morning cartoon feel.

Reaper, Sombra, and Mauga are tasked by Doomfist with entering a downed Null Sector carrier to claim some crucial data. A sneaky stealth mission quickly turns chaotic when Mauga opens fire on a seagull. The absolute Chad proceeds to also accidentally activate a legion of omnic soldiers. Sombra starts hacking, Reaper holds the perimeter, and Mauga has a blast firing through the rest of the carrier.

It’s extremely satisfying to see Sombra complain about someone else on Talon being a loose canon, especially since she’s had her own secret agenda since her animated short back in 2016. Talon may be terrorists responsible for explosions and assassinations, but it’s undeniable that they have style. A Great Day is a fantastic interpretation of Overwatch lore, and I find myself preferring it to the optimistic Pixar-style shorts about the main Overwatch crew and their heroics.

Mauga arrives in Overwatch on Dec. 5, along with the Season 8 update.

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