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Disney Lorcana’s next set, Into the Inklands, adds DuckTales characters in February

Locations, bits of narrative, and more new characters are on the way

Scrooge McDuck skis down a pile of money as his nephews look in. Image: Disney
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Disney Lorcana’s third set of cards will be titled Into the Inklands, and will debut at local games stores beginning Feb. 23. Mass market retailers, like Amazon and ShopDisney, will start selling them on March 8. In addition to new mechanics, publisher Ravensburger is also adding new characters such as Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales and Kit Cloudkicker from TaleSpin.

Into The Inklands continues the meta-narrative kicked off by Ravensburger when the game originally launched in August. At the launch of the first set, titled The First Chapter, it introduced the concept of using magical ink to bring to beloved Disney characters to life. Then its second set, titled Rise of the Floodborn, made it known that a mysterious overabundance of said ink was leading to problems — including superpowered characters in mysterious outfits. Now Into the Inklands, with its Indiana Jones-inspired font, seems poised to explore the situation even further.

Minnie Mouse, funky spelunker, Piglet, pooh pirate captain, and Peter Pan, lost boy leader, are the first three cards announced for Into the Inklands. Image: Ravensburger and Disney

“Their quest may be more treacherous than they realize,” Ravensburger said in a news release, released Wednesday, “as an ominous shadow storm has been spotted gathering at the edges of Lorcana, adding urgency and mystery to the path ahead.”

The logo for Lorcana: Into the Inklands; the font for Into the Inklands resembles a topographic map. Image: Ravensburger and Disney

Wednesday’s news release also calls out the new location cards coming to the game, “which feature beloved Disney story settings and offer players special abilities and interactions.” The first batch of locations will include Motunui from Moana and the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan among others that have yet to be announced. Each can open up new strategies, Ravensburger added, “[with] some [that] give bonuses when characters visit them, while others provide benefits just by being in play.”

In addition to the aforementioned headliners from the Disney Afternoon cartoons of the ’90s, Disney Locana is also adding Disney’s Pluto and 101 Dalmatians’ Perdita, as well as characters like Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet.

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