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The candy meadow from the original Wonka movie, with colorful mushrooms, a chocolate river, and pipes

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Every Wonka candy seen in a Wonka movie, ranked

Which Wonka creation is the most delicious?

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

The first sight of that room in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with the churning waterfall and a whole meadow full of candy is always pure magic, no matter the version of the story: 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder, 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp, or the newly released Wonka starring Timothée Chalamet.

The candy is pretty darn wondrous, from the Everlasting Gobstoppers to the Wonka Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. Watching the first two movies as a kid made me crave these magical chocolates. And rewatching them as an adult was no different. However, not all chocolates and candies are created equal, especially in Wonka’s world, where plenty of them have some… interesting side effects.

Now there’s a new entry in the world — and a whole host of new candies. It’s the perfect time to sit back and look at all the candies across the movies and decide which ones I want to eat.

Here are the rules for eligible candies:

  • The candy must be an official Wonka product, made by the man himself. This disqualifies non-Wonka candies that the candyman in the 1971 movie distributes, as well as the charming chocolate bar Wonka’s mom makes in the 2023 movie.
  • It can be mentioned, even if it is not directly seen!
  • It can be seen, even if it is not directly named!
  • I tried to make calls about whether individual ingredients (whipped cream seen in the testing room, for instance) would count or not, and while I don’t want to count every single background ingredient, I’d be remiss not to include the chocolate rivers. So, forgive me if I go a bit off of ~vibes~ for this one. For an ingredient to count, it needs to have a distinct Wonka factor — something that makes it sparkle.
  • Also, I did not include the giant bars that get zapped in the television, because they just turn into smaller versions of the same bar. Sorry!

A general disclaimer: This is based entirely on my own personal preferences. If you think the 1971 chocolate river deserves a higher spot on the list, you can take it up with the people in the comments.

Without further ado, here is every single one of the 69 candies in Wonka movies, ranked by how much I personally want to eat them.

[Ed. note: This post contains some spoilers for Wonka (2023), as well as the 1971 and 2005 movies.]

Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, sitting amongst giant candies. Image: Paramount Pictures

69. Squelchy Snorter (1971)

This candy is briefly mentioned and never seen. It does not sound appealing at all!

68. Goo-filled gourd kicked by Mike Teavee (2005)

The gooey innards of a gourd, smashed by a child Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

It simply looks too gut-like. It’s very gross!

67. Weird blue beads (1971)

Veruca drapes these over her shoulders as she and the other children wander through the candy world. I do not like how they look. I cannot imagine them tasting very good.

66. Chocolate river (1971)

Augustus Gloop treads water and gasps for breath in a chocolate river in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Listen. I know it’s a classic, but this river looks less like chocolate and more like sewage. The consistency is just completely wrong and it doesn’t look appetizing in the slightest.

65. Chocolate bird hatching from an egg in Grandpa Joe’s mouth (2005)

Call me boring, but I do not think I would enjoy the sensation of my candy moving around in my mouth. I have a hard time eating cookies with faces, so there’s no way I’m going to enjoy munching on a writhing creature trying to escape being eaten!

64. Exploding candy (1971)

We don’t see this but I simply do not think it would be very fun, even for my enemies.

63. Hair Toffee (2005)

This one, as Wonka says, needs tinkering. I do not want to be covered entirely in hair, so no, thank you. At least the candy itself does not look gross.

62. Edible leaf (1971)

It looks… like a leaf! There appears to be some sort of chewy texture, but I don’t think I could get over the mental dissonance of chewing on a leaf.

61. Edible grass (2005)

It looks… like grass! This one gets a slight leg up over the leaf, because it is an artificially vibrant green, so getting over the dissonance would be easier IMO.

60. Rainbow drops (1971)

Wonka describes these as something you can suck on and then spit in seven different colors. We don’t see this in action, and to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the concept.

59. Candied apples (2005)

NGL, part of the reason this is so low is because I am allergic to apples and therefore do not like apples.

58. Big Night Out (2023)

Why would I want to go through the steps of getting blackout drunk without the actual fun of a night out? At least it looks tasty.

57. Hover Choc (2023)

Some stuffy businessmen holding up peculiar-looking chocolate Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

I’m very torn here. On one hand, I would love a candy that makes you float! On the other hand, this makes you float via tiny insects that hatch in your body?! That’s just horrific! I do not want to think about a bunch of tiny insects crawling around inside of me! That’s enough to bump this otherwise fantastical chocolate to the bottom of this list.

56. Delayed Hover Choc (2023)

Basically the same as the Hover Choc, but with fewer unsettling holes dotted across the surface.

55. Mushroom bulbs (2005)

A bulbous mushroom tree. A woman in a blue tracksuit stands beneath it. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

I don’t like how… bulbous these mushrooms are. Instead of looking appealing, they look like cancerous growths. This is further cemented when Violet’s mom eats them and it looks like her mouth is bleeding.

54. Chocolate-filled gourds (1971)

Veruca breaks into one of these and eats its innards with her hands. It’s much like the aforementioned gourd Mike Teevee smashes, but at least this time, the innards actually look appealing!

53. Prince Pondicherry’s chocolate castle (2005)

I love chocolate. However, this is too much chocolate. I would die.

52. Cream flower (2005)

Augustus Gloop ravenously devouring some cream. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Augustus grabs a handful of this and shoves it into his mouth. I don’t like the tendrils that grow out of it.

51. Augustus’ orbs (1971)

Augustus eats some of these spherical candies. They look fine! I can’t even really tell what the flavor profile is supposed to be.

50. Colorful candies seen in Wonka’s shop window (2023)

It’s not really clear if these are jelly beans, jawbreakers, or colorful truffles. But they look nice!

49. Rainbow candy (2023)

Once again, I can’t really tell what the flavor profile or texture here is supposed to be, but it does look rather magical.

48. Colorful sphere bequeathed to Lofty the Oompa-Loompa (2023)

What flavor is this? Hard candy or chocolate? We do not know, but the colors are inviting.

47. Lollipops in the meadow (2005)

They’re lollipops! Yeah.

46. Giant candy canes (1971)

They’re candy canes, but big! I imagine that since they’re in a lot of different colors, they come in a lot of different flavors.

45. Giant lollipop in the meadow (1971)

It’s a lollipop, but big!

44. Yellow flower teacup (1971)

Gene Wilder’s Wonka takes a sip out of a waxy-looking yellow teacup, right before taking a bite out of it Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Gene Wilder’s Wonka takes a sip out of this, implying they contain some sort of sweet liquid, then he takes a munch. It has kind of a waxy texture, which reminds me of those wax juice bottles that were all the rage when I was in fourth grade (you definitely weren’t supposed to chew on the wax, but my entire class did).

43. Flower teacups (2023)

Clearly an homage to the original flower teacups, these ones look less waxy and more like hard candy, which puts them a cut above for me.

42. Hanging giant gummy bears (1971)

Violet stands under a tree full of hanging giant gummy bears Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

If I can get over eating a cute bear (I’m fine with faceless gummy bears generally, but a big one seems like more of a hurdle), then I think biting into this big gummy creature would be delectable.

41. Chocolate blossoms (2005)

Mrs. Gloop plucks some of these to put in her purse. They look pretty standard and pretty good!

40. Hair Repair Eclair (2023)

These look delicious and Willy clearly describes the vanilla flavor. However, my hair does not need repair, so I don’t think I’m the target audience for this one.

39. Everlasting Gobstoppers (2005)

These just look significantly less cool than the 1971 Gobstoppers.

38. Three-course dinner gum (2005)

See below, except I think this one just looks less cool.

37. Three-course dinner gum (1971)

Would I risk it all to try this gum? God, I wish I could more confidently say yes, because I’ve been fascinated by the concept of this gum ever since I was a kid.

36. Regular Wonka chocolate bar (1971)

A whole layout of Wonka bars Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Can’t go wrong with a classic!

35. Standard Wonka Bar in Grandpa Joe’s flashback (2005)

Still can’t go wrong with a classic!

34. Chocolate bees (2023)

They look really adorable, and the only reason I didn’t rank them higher is because I don’t like eating food shaped like cute things. Thankfully, these don’t buzz or move around in your mouth (as far as we can tell, at least).

33. Tree candy (1971)

Wonka shakes a tree and these candies come toppling down. Fun!

32. String candy (2023)

It looks fun and chewy!

31. Opening credits bars (2005)

The 2005 movie begins with a long scene of some standard Wonka Bars in production. It’s a methodical montage, à la How It’s Made, and all the bars look delicious.

30. Golden eggs (1971)

Veruca Salt holding a golden egg Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Do we ever see how the eggs look when cracked? They’re supposedly chocolate eggs, so that’s something. I would eat one. I would probably share it.

29. Ice cream that doesn’t melt (2005)

We don’t see it, but Grandpa Joe describes it! In theory, I think I’d like it, but I’m also one of those weirdos who likes to melt their ice cream and mix it all together, so I don’t think I’d love it.

28. Stained-glass hard candy (2005)

Grandpa Joe approaching Wonka, who is working behind some hard candy Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

I would like to lick it, but also it looks so pretty I’d feel bad about licking it.

27. Hard rain of gumdrops (2023)

Gumdrops are nice :)

26. Edible change (2023)

Probably chocolate coins if I had to guess. I can mess with those.

25. Edible basket (2023)

Is it just chocolate, or did Wonka put some sort of crispy basket-like texture in there? I must discover.

24. Chocolate fountain (2023)

So — spoilers — technically this does not start as a Wonka product, but Willy does finesse it a little, and by the end it is a Wonka product. It looks like fondue, and I’ve definitely had fantasies about just slurping the chocolate in a fondue pot.

23. Chocolate river (2023)

This only comes at the end, and it looks pretty standard for a Wonka chocolate river — not as gross as the 1971 one, but not as good as the 2005 one.

22. Fudge mountain (2005)

A mountain of fudge, powdered with snow Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

I like the dusting of snow here. I imagine it’s like a powdered sugar effect. I would like to take a chunk of it, but I would not commit to eating the whole mountain.

21. Augustus’ Wonka bar (2005)

In his television interview, Augustus munches on a bar. It has a distinct name, but it is (1) obscured by his hand and (2) in German, so I’m not really sure what it is. It looks good though!

20. Circular bonbons (2023)

These treats reappear throughout Wonka. Willy uses them as payment and as bait for the thieving Oompa-Loompa. We can assume they’re chocolate, and they sure as hell look good! In-universe, everyone is fawning over them. I hope they’re truffle-like and have a great filling in the center.

19. Wonka Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight (2005)

A Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight bar Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

This is a lot of stuff for one bar. It takes away from the pure wonder of the chocolate, if you ask me. Whipple, fudge, and mallow? Separately, they all sound delicious, but I question the wisdom of combining all of them.

18. Triple Cream Cup (1971)

I assume this is like the structure of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but with regular cream. Or is the cream peanut butter? Either way, I enjoy the experience of eating a cup-shaped chocolate with filling.

17. Wonka Fudge Mallow (1971)

Strip back the extra ingredients and a Fudge Mallow bar sounds good. I love fudge and marshmallows.

16. Wonka Nutty Chocolate Surprise (2005)

I love nutty chocolates! What is the surprise? I must find out.

15. Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar (1971)

It’s long. It’s the biggest bar in the Wonka inventory. What does it contain? We do not know, but it is apparently one of the most delicious bars, and judging by what we see of it, I’ll believe it.

14. Chocolate bushes, flowers, and trees (2023)

You know the chocolate guy from TikTok? These look like his creations, and I want to eat them.

13. Giant chocolate cherry blossom (2023)

Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka standing on the trunk of a giant chocolate cherry blossom tree Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

This is an even cooler version of the above — bigger, better, with more delicious treats hiding in the corners!

12. Everlasting Gobstoppers (1971)

The Everlasting Gobstoppers rolling out on a conveyor belt Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

I will say, the 1971 Everlasting Gobstoppers look like they’d be kinda painful to suck on for long periods of time, but I am curious about how it would feel in my mouth. It’s like a Tide Pod, you know? Or any sort of “forbidden” candy. I just want to experience the sensation of running my tongue across all its crevices.

11. Lickable wallpaper (1971)

Charlie and Grandpa Joe licking the fruit-patterned wallpaper Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

On one hand, I want to lick the wallpaper. On the other, the sensation of licking without being able to chew would infuriate me. I will be Tantalus in the Underworld, doomed to never fully taste what I crave. I accept my fate.

10. Cotton candy cloud (2023)

This one is for everyone who looked up at pink-tinged clouds during sunsets and wanted to eat them. There’s a chance that it could just be regular cotton candy, but it’s also Wonka, so maybe it’s the essence of a cloud. I long to touch it. To taste it. To know bliss.

9. Cream on mushroom (1971)

Mike Teavee’s mom leaning over to lick the cream off a giant mushroom Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

I don’t know what it is about this particular cream that speaks to me, but it seems to be just the right texture. I imagine the flavor is light and gentle — just a hint of vanilla amid the perfectly stiff peaks. Scooping the cream out directly is so indulgent, but I want to do it.

8. Wonka’s hat hot chocolate (2023)

So much of what makes Wonka shine is getting to see the process behind the treats. The hot chocolate routine is so twee and just looks delicious. I came home from my screening and made some hot cocoa myself, though I don’t think it was nearly as good as the magical chocolate that Willy pulled from his hat.

7. Raspberry kite with licorice strings (2005)

Wonka and Charlie only describe this, but I love all these flavors and I just think it would be very fun and oh-so delicious!

6. Silver Linings Chocolate (2023)

I am so very tickled by Willy’s process of making this little chocolate. It looks more like a very fancy soap than candy, but I’m into that.

5. Giraffe Cream Macaron (2023)

I keep making the Kombucha girl face at the possibility of giraffe cream, and ultimately my curiosity wins the best of me. I will try the giraffe cream. It helps that the macarons themselves look really good and they also make you confident. If I was confident, I would be so unstoppable that I’d do something real wild like pitch my editors a list where I sit down and rank every single candy that appears in all the Wonka movies.

4. Gummy rope (1971)

Violet’s dad holds out a long piece of red gummy rope
It doesn’t look like much, but I crave it
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

This one makes such a brief appearance, but I’m haunted by it (in a good way). It’s like a Nerds rope without the Nerds, a Twizzler without the twizzle. Just a long red gummy rope, probably cherry flavor. I want to gnaw at it. I want to slowly nibble away at the long string throughout the day and feel it stick between my teeth.

3. Chocolate river (2005)

Augustus flailing in a dark chocolate river Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

It is my opinion that the 2005 chocolate river is the best chocolate river across all three Wonkaverse movies. Admittedly, part of it is personal preference. It’s a shade darker than the 2023 one, which points to a dark chocolate, my favorite kind. Drown me in the chocolate river. Let it carry my body away as I slurp up that sweet nectar.

2. Broadway chocolates (2023)

A delicious chocolate that makes everyone around you burst out into song and choreographed dance? Sign me up! I already burst out into song on a daily basis, so getting all my friends to eat these and dance with me would be a dream come true. And yeah, they look great too!

1. Fizzy Lifting Drinks (1971)

Grandpa Joe and Charlie surrounded by bubbles and floating Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is fly. Every time someone asks a hypothetical “what superpower would you have” question, I answer “flight!” without a second thought, even when people poke holes in my argument. I long to soar, to float, to be without gravity. And that scene in the 1971 movie where Charlie and Grandpa Joe sip on the sodas and float gently above the factory became seared into my mind when I first saw it as a little kid.

I love carbonated beverages. Diet Coke cures many of my ailments. I always have a seltzer. And you’re telling me that some sippy-sips of this drink will let me fly. No creepy insects crawling in my body? Sign me up. I will sign away my soul, my worldly possessions, ignore the fine print, swear to never leave the factory again, never eat a Slugworth chocolate, and do many, many, many things for a taste of the Fizzy Lifting Drink.

Wonka is out in theaters now.