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Ziwe interviewed George Santos — here’s how to watch it

It’s George Santos’ first interview post-expulsion vote

George Santos sitting in an interview Image: Ziwe/YouTube
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On Dec. 1, George Santos became only the sixth congressman to be expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives. On Dec. 18, Santos became the first expelled congressman to go on Ziwe’s show (which she’s revived just for this; more on that below), making for a new chapter in his bizarre congressional history.

This was a pairing the internet asked for, and Ziwe — who started in 2017 with a show on YouTube (and later Instagram Live) called Baited with Ziwe before moving the program to Showtime — happily obliged.

Ziwe’s interviews are sort of gonzo cringe, designed to make guests embarrass themselves and stumble their way through questions. Grilling a former House member who has just been dismissed for lying seems like a match made in heaven.

They finally came together sometime in early December (per Ziwe’s Instagram promo of the interview, at least). And with the conversation now live on the internet, here’s the best way to watch George Santos’ first sit-down interview after getting expelled from Congress.

How to watch the Ziwe/George Santos interview

While Ziwe was an internet phenomenon, Showtime actually canceled the program earlier this year. Luckily for fans of hers, that means her interview is just streaming on YouTube, as of 11 a.m. EST on Monday.

Although Ziwe asked Santos for a “pay-per-view” interview, the video is available on YouTube for free.

How long is George Santos’ interview with Ziwe?

The interview is about 17 minutes long. In it, Ziwe puts Santos in the hot seat as she always does, asking him how many Black friends he has, who else in Congress is lying or committing fraud, and whether he plans to run for office again (he’s not ruling it out).

Santos’ expulsion came after several reports of him lying about his record, a damning investigation from the House Ethics Committee into those reports, and an indictment by federal prosecutors in May for allegedly defrauding his donors and embezzling campaign funds. It’s a remarkably rare thing for the House of Representatives to do; Santos is just the third congressman since the Civil War to be voted out by their colleagues (and the sixth overall). Seventeen minutes is not quite enough minutes to get into all that, but Ziwe does address a few of his scandals.

The interview (on “ZNN”) also kicks off with a title card from Ziwe’s team stating that George Santos did not get paid for the interview, though it says he did ask — apparently three times.

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