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Where to find all the Spotify Wrapped-style breakdowns of your 2023 gaming habits

PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Steam want you to remember the good times you had

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John Cena sits in a Nintendo Switch-themed room playing a Nintendo Switch Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Nintendo of America

With the end of 2023 rapidly approaching, it’s time to look back fondly on the year and your achievements therein. Oh no, wait, I don’t mean real-life achievements — I mean all the games you played over the last 12 months to occupy your time between global crises.

Several major gaming platforms have followed Spotify Wrapped’s well-worn footsteps to provide detailed accountings of your gaming habits throughout 2023. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to go for these personalized reports, here’s a quick breakdown of the year-end festivities.


A graphic depicting bubbles in the shape of the PlayStation button symbols with the caption “2023 wrap-up” Image: PlayStation


How long you have: Until January 13

What’s covered: First game played, total games played, total gaming time, total trophies earned, your top five games (based on hours, trophies, and playtime ratio), a monthly activity breakdown, your gaming style (I’m a Thrill Seeker apparently), a playlist of PlayStation Plus games that fit your gaming style, and your social style (Lone Wolf, baby).

PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up also provides you with a bunch of downloadable cards for easy sharing of these various stats on social media.


A graphic of the Xbox logo substituted as the 0 in 2023 with the caption “community stats” Image: Xbox


How long you have: Until January 31

What’s covered: Total games played, most-played games (with links to similar games), total gaming time, total achievements earned, total Gamerscore points earned, top gameplay month, a pie chart breakdown of your favorite genres, and how you stack up against other Xbox users.

Xbox also shared a few communal stats, noting that 36,000 games were played between everyone on Xbox platforms for a total of 4.5 billion trophies and 91 billion Gamerscore points.


A graphic reading “Year in Review 2023” surrounded by screenshots of Nintendo games Image: Nintendo


How long you have: No deadline given

What’s covered: First game played, total games played, most-played games, total gaming time, busiest month, a breakdown of your gaming trends by genre, and the ability to choose your favorite game.

Much like the PlayStation wrap-up, Nintendo also provides downloadable image cards for sharing your details elsewhere.


A graphic reading “Get Ready To Review Your Year” with a separate caption in the top-right corner reading “Steam Year in Review 2023” and a backdrop of popular Steam games Image: Valve

Where: or the Steam client

How long you have: No deadline given, but seeing as the year in review for 2022 is still available, I’m guessing a long time.

What’s covered: Total games played (including separate totals for new games and demos), total play time with monthly graphs, top three games by total play time and sessions, total achievements earned, longest gaming streak, a spider graph breakdown of your favorite genres, and how you stack up against other Steam users.

Steam also allows you to add your year in review report to your profile so your friends can check it out.

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