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Arcane season 2 is adding a big bad wolf, and seemingly confirming a tragic fan theory

Warwick is revealed in this short clip from Riot and Netflix

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The first season of Arcane told the origin stories of some of League of Legends’ most popular champions, and introduced new characters to the lore. And our first big preview of the show’s second season, which is set to debut on Netflix in November, is setting up to show us even more of the game’s most best characters.

The teaser lasts about forty-five seconds, and gives us brief glimpses of the mad scientist Singed, who looks to be working on some hideous experiment. The scientist appears to be in a pleasant, drug-fueled fugue, which is at odds with the creepy piano music and dark laboratory around him. After a few shots of Singed and his equipment, we see a giant wolf-life figure chained to the ceiling.

This seems to confirm that Warwick will have a role to play in Arcane season 2. Warwick is a werewolf-like League of Legends champion who we already knew was from Zaun. Warwick is a man who has been augmented by Singed’s experiments and given a bloodthirsty rage by the stimulants pumped into his bloodstream.

This clip appears to confirm a fan theory; Vander, the father figure to Vi and Jinx, may not actually be dead. However, that’s not a mercy, because it certainly looks like he might have turned into Warwick, the fearsome beast currently under the thrall of Singed. It’s an unsettling sight to see Warwick hanging from the ceiling — players know Warwick as a predator, but he’s in a much more vulnerable and pitiful spot in this preview. An Arcane character will also be jumping over to League of Legends at some point in 2024, when Ambessa, Mel’s mother, will show up on the Rift.

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