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Lethal Company’s new patch offers a new challenge for hardened employees

I hope you’re ready for some particularly tough moons

Mickey Mouse in his Steamboat Willie incarnation menaces an abandoned industrial area in a screenshot from Lethal Company. Image: Zeekerz
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Lethal Company is already a scary game, but there’s a new patch that adds a much more challenging kind of moon to raid for scrap. Version 47 is the first patch of the new year, and it adds replayable challenge moons. There’s also a glimpse of a weirdly familiar mouse who just entered public domain. Intriguing!

In Lethal Company, players take up the role of beleaguered employees working for a cruel and uncaring company. They must scavenge valuable goods from abandoned facilities built on haunted moons in order to meet their profit quota, and failure to do so results in the employees getting vented into space.

The new replayable challenge moons update weekly. The patch notes explain that “they use the same random seed for everyone, based off the current week using the UTC time zone. The profit you make at the end of the challenge day will be uploaded to a leaderboard so you can compare your efficiency to your friends.” Challenge moons have more scrap and loot on them, and players enter with random starting credits and a few other randomized variables.

The idea is for everyone to try out weird and wacky moons that are outside of the typical Lethal Company experience. Considering that a “normal” map in this game is usually full of monsters, landmines, and murder machines, that’s quite an achievement. The challenge moons aren’t meant to provide competition as much as an experience everyone can enjoy together.

Developer Zeekerz also teased a larger update in the works, writing in the patch notes: “In Version 50 I hope to add lots of new creatures and map variation.” I can’t wait to get murdered in new and exciting ways.

The next level of puzzles.

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