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Cult anime Dorohedoro is getting a second season

Series creator Q Hayashida set to play a ‘big role’

Key art of a yellow haired anime woman in a turquoise jumpsuit holding a plate of potstickers and a reptilian-headed man in black armor in Dorohedoro. Image: MAPPA/Netflix
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Fans of Dorohedoro have been eagerly awaiting news of a second season of the dark fantasy action anime since the series premiered on Netflix in 2020. After four long years, the wait is finally over, as the official Dorohedoro website announced on Tuesday that a second season of the anime is finally in production. A new piece of key art for the series was released in addition to the announcement, featuring protagonists Caiman and Nikaido walking through the front door of the Hungry Bug restaurant.

Based on the dark fantasy manga by Q Hayashida, Dorohedoro follows the story of an amnesiac mercenary named Caiman who, after being transformed into a reptilian-headed creature by a sorcerer, wakes up in the dystopian megacity known as the Hole. With the help of Nikaido, the owner of a local restaurant, Caiman embarks on a personal mission to track down and kill the sorcerer responsible for his transformation in order to cure himself.

No other details pertaining to the production of Dorohedoro season 2 have been released. MAPPA, the Japanese animation studio that produced the first season of the anime, is no longer listed in the bio of the official Dorohedoro X account, and no premiere date has been announced at this time. The official X account for series creator Q Hayashida announced that the author would be playing a “big role” in the forthcoming continuation of the anime.

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