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Disney Lorcana World Championship scheduled for 2025, new starter box in 2024

Plus the release dates for all four 2024 sets of collectible cards

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The Illumineers Palace, shown in shades of purple and gold, from the first trailer for Disney Lorcana shown on YouTube. Image: Ravensburger via YouTube
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Disney Lorcana publisher Ravensburger spent the first few weeks of 2024 giving fans in the United States and Europe what they wanted, namely more cards available for purchase on store shelves. Now they’re providing additional certainty for the game as a whole with a 2024 roadmap. Details include notes on the highly anticipated competitive circuit (including the first world championship tournament), firm release dates for all four sets arriving at retail this year, and the announcement of a new introductory starter box.

First we have those release dates: We know that Into The Inklands, Disney Lorcana’s third set of cards, arrives Feb. 23 with mysterious new location cards — which are nothing like Magic: The Gathering’s lands, mind you. On Wednesday Ravensburger announced the next three sets of cards, which have not yet been named publicly, will arrive on May 17, Aug. 9, and Nov. 15 respectively.

Also arriving in May will be the launch of the game’s competitive circuit, dubbed Disney Lorcana Challenge. An unknown number of regional events will give fans the ability to qualify for the North American and European Championships. Meanwhile, the game’s first world championship is slated for early 2025.

At the local level, new in-store organized play events will begin to roll out in April. Winners will have the chance to earn unique playmats as well as a special version of Stitch, Rock Star — a one-time promo card that will only be made available to the winners of these select local events.

Finally, the new boxed set arriving this summer is called Disney Lorcana Gateway. The “progressive learn-to-play experience” walks players through building a deck of their own, with two decks waiting to be created inside each box. The $24.99 product will be released in the United States on Aug. 9, 2024.

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