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All the Reacher season 3 news we know so far

Here’s when Prime’s biggest star will return

A close up of Jack Reacher, a very large man, wearing a jacket and looking off in the distance, probably at someone smaller than he Photo: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
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Jack Reacher has saved the day for a second time on the small screen. But with the end of Prime Video’s Reacher season 2, it’s time to look ahead at what adventures Alan Ritchson’s massive and brilliant special investigator will get up to next.

While we don’t know much about what’s on the horizon for Jack Reacher, we do know there are more adventures in store for one of Prime’s most successful shows. So here’s everything we know so far about Reacher season 3.

Is Reacher season 3 happening?

It’s definitely happening. The announcement for the new season actually came before the second season even began, as Reacher continues to be a big hit for Prime Video. On top of the renewal, Jack Reacher himself, Alan Ritchson, recently posted a photo on Instagram with his face covered in mud and the caption “Welp, we’re back.” That sure seems to suggest that filming for Reacher season 3 is already underway.

When will Reacher season 3 be released?

The gap between Reacher’s first and second seasons was almost two years, so it’s possible it could be similar for seasons 2 and 3, especially with the writers’ strike possibly delaying the season’s fresh scripts. However, since we know Ritchson is on set filming already, it seems safe to hope for an early 2025 release for the new season.

Jack Reacher, a large man wearing a collared sweater, investigates in the woods with a blonde female police officer (holding a flashlight). Photo: Shane Mahood/Amazon Studios

What will Reacher season 3 be about?

In interviews around season 2 Ritchson has said that season 3 will be based one of his favorite Reacher books — one that is on “every top 10 list” of the series — and will see Reacher in a “whole new world.” As it turns out, what he meant is Persuader, the seventh of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books.

This book will send Reacher undercover in a criminal organization, which is probably what Ritchson meant when he said it would be a “whole new world.” Of course, there’s more to this mission than just the undercover work, as it will also involve someone from Reacher’s past that Jack thought he had gotten rid of a long time ago.

Will anyone from season 2 return?

It’s hard to say. The Reacher books see him travel from place to place, meeting new people and new problems. That was reflected in the first two seasons of the show, which saw a few repeat characters, but mostly a brand-new cast for season 2.

Along with Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, only Maria Sten’s Frances Neagley and Malcolm Goodwin’s Oscar Finlay had real roles in both seasons, with the latter only showing up for a cameo in season 2. Sten’s Neagley is the only returning cast member that Prime Video has confirmed so far, outside of Ritchson himself, but it’s still possible that a familiar face or two could pop up.

What should I be watching while I wait for the new season of Reacher?

A Reacher-sized hole in your heart is no easy thing to fill, but we think there are a couple good options. If season-long TV mysteries are your bag, you could always check out Apple TV’s Slow Horses, an excellent British spy series with impressive action, wry comedy, and a terrific Gary Oldman performance tying the whole thing together.

If, on the other hand, what you’re really looking for is just the satisfaction of a giant man beating the shit out of people, then why not try out the Ma Dong-seok’s Crime City movie series? It started in 2017 with The Outlaws, and has continued to perform very well at the Korean box office with sequels The Roundup and The Roundup: No Way Out. Each entry is better than the last and has the kind of “righteous man with fists the size of sledgehammers” action you are looking for. There’s another on the way this year — The Roundup: Punishment — so it’s a great time to catch up.

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