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Armored Core 6 just got a rare discount for Xbox and PlayStation

Flights to Rubicon this time of year are cheap

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A lithe, spindly Armored Core mech flies toward a group of enemies in a factory-like environment in Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco
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In case you weren’t aware, we love Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, and right now the PlayStation and Xbox stores are offering a rare discount on the frenetic, mecha-based shooter. This is your chance to pick up a digital copy for close to its lowest price ever.

But just in case big, stompy robots aren’t your style, there are plenty of other awesome gaming deals to check out this weekend, including the New Year’s sale, a Humble Bundle full of excellent games playable on the Steam Deck. Plus, Barnes & Noble is knocking 30% off an impressive selection of board games and tabletop accessories.

In addition to sharing with you our favorite deals from the worlds of gaming and entertainment, we’ve also included the best-selling products that have made a recent appearance on our site.

The best gaming deals this week

Armored Core 6 quickly became one of 2023’s most popular games among the Polygon staff thanks to its fast-paced combat, and the staggering amount of mech customization options. Despite being made by the same studio that made Elden Ring, it feels totally different to play than you might be expecting. If you haven’t had a chance to try AC6 for yourself, the digital version for PlayStation and Xbox is discounted to $41.66 (was $59.99). A few months ago, physical copies were selling for $39.99.

While business on the planet of Rubicon is sometimes unforgiving, we’d highly recommend giving Armored Core 6 a try if you’re a fan of epic boss battles, challenging combat, or just big robots in general. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you, 621.

You might already know that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is included with Xbox and PC Game Pass. But just in case you aren’t subscribed to the service (it’s one of the best deals in gaming), The Master Chief Collection is currently available to purchase on Xbox and Steam for just $9.99. As the name implies, this collection brings together the modernized campaigns and multiplayer for the four mainline Halo games, in addition to Halo: Reach and Halo: ODST. It’s just a staggering amount of content for just $10. has kicked off its New Year’s sale (a little late, but no matter), discounting thousands of titles from its library of classic and modern DRM-free games. You’re welcome to head over to their landing page to take a look at what’s being offered. For instance, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, the excellent spy-thriller expansion to the CD Projekt Red first-person RPG is on sale for $25.49 (was $29.99). Other standouts we’d recommend checking out if they aren’t already part of your collection include Tunic, Against the Storm, Cult of the Lamb, and Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew.

Some other titles worth checking out include System Shock, Nightdive Studio’s phenomenal reboot of the original cyberpunk immersive sim, and the Warhammer 40K-flavored FPS Boltgun.

The Controller’d Chaos bundle at Humble is offering a collection of seven controller-based games that play exceptionally well on Valve’s handheld For $14 through Feb. 21.

Among the games featured in this collection are Sunset Overdrive, a brightly-colored, open-world shooter that stresses speed and traversal. If you’re a fan of Sucker Punch’s Infamous franchise, or the more recent Marvel Spider-Man 2, you should definitely give Sunset Overdrive a spin.

This bundle also includes the excellent remaster of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which features the vocal talents of the entirety of the original cast (even Harold Ramis), in addition to Troy Baker as Slimer (look it up!) and is easily the best script for a Ghostbusters film in the past decade.

Destroy All Humans!, No More Heroes, Orcs Must Die! 3: Complete Edition, and Rain on Your Parade along with a 50% off coupon for its DLC make up the remainder of this bundle, a $195 value in its entirety.

The top-selling stuff on Polygon this week

The best entertainment deals this week

If you’ve got space for a tome on your bookshelves, we’ve found the perfect one to fill it. The opulent, illustrated version of The Lord of the Rings is currently on sale at Amazon for around $39 (was $74.99). This single-volume hardcover includes 30 color illustrations, maps, and sketches by J.R.R Tolkien himself, and even includes a pair of removable, fold-out maps produced by his son, Christopher.

The illustrated versions of The Silmarillion and The Hobbit are also available for a similar discount and are definitely worth picking up, provided you can find the necessary real estate to store these massive tomes.

Barnes & Noble’s sale that knocks 30% off its collection of board games and tabletop accessories is still happening. There are hundreds of items to choose from, including some of our personal favorites like Dune, Star Realms, Marvel Villainous, and the second edition X-Wing Miniatures game.

Sonos is currently offering Super Bowl discounts of up to $340 on its collections of soundbars and accessories through Feb. 11. The Sonos Arc is a 45-inch soundbar that comes recommended from our friends at The Verge for its amazing sound quality, voice controls, Dolby Atmos spatial audio, and the ability to wirelessly connect with other audio devices like the Sonos Sub. Normally $899, you can currently pick one up for just $719.

However, if you want to go all in with your new home theater, Sonos also offers its massive Ultimate Immersive Set, which bundles together the Arc soundbar, Sonos Sub wireless subwoofer, and a pair of Era 300 speakers for $2,256 (was $2,596).

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