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These ambitious, fan-made Lego sets are now available to pre-order

Five percent of the sales go to the creators of the limited-edition sets

A closeup photo of the Bricklinks Parisian Street Lego set Image: Bricklinks
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Almost all of Lego’s designs come from in-house. But its BrickLink Designer Program, which allows anyone to create and submit their own Lego creations for review, has five new sets coming out — all of which are available to pre-order now. While fan ideas have previously been adapted by Lego courtesy of the Lego Ideas program, this is the first time that Lego will produce a fan-made set without any changes made by their in-house designers.

The Parisian Street, Mountain Fortress, Old Train Engine Shed, General Store, and Snack Shack can be purchased through Feb. 28. Each set that receives at least 3,000 pre-orders before the cut-off date will be placed into a limited, one-time production run of 30,000 sets.

Besides offering the opportunity to showcase a broad range of independent designs, the BrickLink Designer Program gives creators a chance to profit from their work. If their design passes the rigorous review process and goes into production, the creator is granted 5% of the proceeds of each unit sold. Below, we’ve provided links to each set along with detailed information for each model.

Parisian Street

The Parisian Street, created by user NicolasCarlier, is priced at $319.99 and features 3,532 pieces. The four-story building showcases street-level retail shops with apartments placed above, complete with fully modeled interiors visible from the back of the set.

A stock photo detailing the inside of the Parisian Street Bricklink Lego set Image: Bricklink

Mountain Fortress

Inspired by the classic Lion Knight’s Castle, the Mountain Fortress set by user SleeplessNight is available to pre-order for $379.99. Made of 3,995 pieces, this cold, grey castle features an armory, moat, larder, and other fine details that give the impression of a functional stone bastion.

Old Train Engine Shed

The evocative 2,331-piece Old Train Engine Shed is available to pre-order for $229.99. User Mind_the_Brick designed this weathered workshop to accommodate trains up to 37 studs long, and even gave names to each of the six minfigs.

A stock photo detailing the interior of the Bricklink Lego Train Shed Image: Bricklink

General Store

The $159.99 General Store designed by user llucky features 1,906 pieces. The roof, complete with a vulture model, can be removed to reveal an intricately modeled interior with goods for sale.

A stock photo of the interior of the Bricklink Lego General Store Image: Bricklinks

Snack Shack

Fashioned from a converted Airstream trailer, the $49.99 Snack Shack by user DistractedBldr packs a lot into its 539-piece frame, including a pair of deep fryers, a panini press, and a tiny Sriracha bottle for good measure.

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