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Homeworld 3 delayed to May 13 following reception to its public demo

Blackbird Interactive has decided to keep the mothership in dock for another eight weeks

A screenshot from Homeworld 3, showing a damaged carrier Image: Blackbird Interactive
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On Feb. 5, developers Blackbird Interactive released a public demo for Homeworld 3 on Steam and the Epic Games Store, showcasing its roguelike War Games mode. While we enjoyed the vertical slice of the game, it still presented a number of issues that left us questioning whether Blackbird Interactive would have time to resolve them before launch.

Thankfully, in a clear commitment to delivering the best possible version of the latest installment in the legendary sci-fi RTS franchise, Blackbird Interactive has made the decision to delay the launch of Homeworld 3 to May 13. That’s roughly an additional four weeks out from the previous launch date of Mar. 8.

According to the statement issued by Blackbird Interactive, the decision to postpone the launch was made in response to feedback from external playtesting in addition to the reception of its public demo.

A screenshot of Blackbird Interactive’s statement on its decision to delay the launch of Homeworld 3 to May 13. Image: Blackbird Interactive

It's certainly frustrating to see Homeworld 3 suffer another delay, especially considering it was initially slated to launch in the first half of 2023. However, as a long-standing fan of the Homeworld franchise, I’m glad that the developers are taking the necessary steps to address these issues.

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