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Nintendo 3DS

Sora’s Smash Bros. appearance answers a 6-year-old question

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Mario is a bully and Wario is innocent

Let us not forget Sonic the Hedgehog’s weird Zelda: Skyward Sword crossover

Nintendo artist (and Tingle creator) Takaya Imamura retires

Nintendo buys Luigi’s Mansion 3 maker Next Level Games

The Nintendo 3DS is discontinued

A great Super Mario 64 port already exists, on the Nintendo DS

Nintendo reports 300,000 customer accounts were illegally accessed in April

Nintendo says up to 160,000 Nintendo Accounts may have been accessed by hacks

Take care of your Nintendo Switch — Nintendo’s repair shops are closed due to COVID-19

Animal Crossing fans are saying goodbye to New Leaf, and it’s heartbreaking

Some Shiny Pokémon look different in Pokémon Home

How to transfer old Pokémon from Bank to Pokémon Home

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The Sims turns 20, unlike your Sim who will probably always be 20

We look at how Maxis has kept The Sims alive for 20 years

Pokémon Global Link is going offline, get a free Munna before it goes

You can get a free Mewtwo for Pokémon: Let’s Go by visiting Best Buy

Pokémon player totals car in a crash, wins tournament anyway

Mario & Luigi RPG studio enters bankruptcy

Nintendo files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against ROM website

Reggie’s gonna teach in the Ivy League!

Astral Chain headlines this week’s Nintendo eShop releases

Peter Jackson’s King Kong was the most innovative game of its console generation

Cadence of Hyrule highlights this week’s new Nintendo eShop releases

Nintendo eShop update brings Slay the Spire to Switch

Why haven’t more publishers and developers learned from Super Smash Bros.?

Mr. Mime was almost considered too creepy for Detective Pikachu

Why Detective Pikachu’s weird Pokémon cameo totally works

Turns out Shovel Knight is a 3D game — seriously

We tried 7-Eleven’s Mr. Mime juice and now have questions

Phoenix Wright Trilogy goes to trial this week on Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop update includes a Kirby classic for 3DS, one of the year’s best indies for Switch

Epic Games Store’s latest PC exclusive is Shakedown: Hawaii