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Nintendo 3DS

Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Treasure Trove collection delayed ‘several months’

Nintendo eShop update brings Yo-Kai Watch 3, cyberpunk thriller Observer

A 3DS cult fave drops into light Nintendo eShop update

All the Kingdom Hearts backstory you need to fully understand Kingdom Hearts 3

More Mario, Zelda Nintendo 3DS games join budget line

Nintendo eShop update delivers double the Mario Bros.

Nintendo’s Black Friday 2018 deals on Nintendo Switch and 2DS

Stan Lee became Spider-Man in his most bizarre video game appearance

Nintendo eShop gets heroic arrivals with Lego Harry Potter and My Hero One’s Justice

The DS saved Nintendo while destroying handheld gaming as we knew it

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Why Shovel Knight was the right game at the right time

A new book looks at the making of Yacht Club Games’ debut title

Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS is a welcome but unwieldy trip

Find out which Pokémon is the best in competitive play

New legendary Pokémon Zeraora is finally available in October

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The Pokémon Draft 2018: Who goes No. 1?

The talent pool is much deeper than the NFL’s

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How Pokémon's world was shaped by real-world locations

Why the return of Animal Crossing feels so good

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Everything we learned from the September 2018 Nintendo Direct

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is coming to 3DS

Watch the September 2018 Nintendo Direct live stream

Nintendo Direct September presentation postponed

Nintendo Direct delayed following earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan

Shovel Knight’s final two expansions conclude the series next spring

WarioWare Gold artwork

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WarioWare Gold’s re-dubbing feature lets you make silly, cinematic masterpieces

Where Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker came from

The Animal Crossing letter system, explained

Persona Q2: Cinema Labyrinth makes our favorite JRPG heroes extra cute this fall

Get out your Nintendo 3DS for this week’s Nintendo eShop update

WarioWare Gold makes the best use of your amiibo collection

WarioWare Gold introduces a horrible reality where Wario talks

Nintendo and Microsoft’s friendship continues with Minecraft-style New 2DS

Good news everyone! The Nintendo 3DS may be on the way out (update)