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Nightingale’s jank mechanics are enveloped by a truly visionary world

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Spaceman gave Adam Sandler a new skill: ‘I never cried in front of a tennis ball before’

Mean Girls, The Zone of Interest, Netflix’s Mea Culpa, and every new movie to watch this weekend

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Pacific Drive packs up survival games and takes them on the road

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The Halo TV series unceremoniously killed one of the games’ best characters

The live-action Sokka sexism issue is actually worse than you fear

Lorcana’s Into the Inklands is almost here, but you’ll need request an invite to pre-order

A Game of Thrones movie trilogy was blocked by HBO, say showrunners

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Nightingale devs to add offline mode after negative player feedback

Stopmotion director says his brand of animation is necromancy

Do you want to click on playing cards in a Jane Austen-themed setting? Of course you do

Delicious in Dungeon’s delectable dishes, ranked

Netflix’s new Avatar prologue alters one of Aang’s best scenes

The 25 best movies on Netflix right now

Alan Cumming plays a character on Traitors, but season 2’s surprises snapped him back to reality

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Anime is huge — and we finally have numbers to prove it

Polygon surveyed more than 4,000 people to demystify anime’s reach within the world of pop culture.

Gift ideas for the Elden Ring fan in your life

Baldur’s Gate 3 will get official mod support, says Larian Studios

We need to talk about the bonkers backstories of Madame Web’s Spider-Women

No one plays James Baldwin on screen, but Chris Chalk made it look easy

The 50 most anticipated new games of 2024

Dune: Fall of the Imperium dares you to defy Muad’dib

The 25 best games on Game Pass

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The best video game books of 2023

We finally know Project L’s full name, and it’s 2XKO

Not sure what movie to watch this weekend? Leave a comment and we’ll tell you

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A new Tomb Raider RPG is in development, and fans can test it soon

Author Rae Nedjadi and developer Fred Hicks on Evil Hat’s biggest book project of all time

Mortal Kombat 1’s Peacemaker perfectly captures John Cena’s gleefully stupid hero

Pacific Drive beginner’s tips and tricks before starting

14-karat Lego piece sells for more than $18,000 at Goodwill auction — again

Even Lego Fortnite loves a fishing minigame

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Brandon Sanderson will bring his next project to Kickstarter competitor Backerkit

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Jim Henson’s kids explain why Dark Crystal and Labyrinth would never get made today

And how The Jim Henson Company is still doing puppets in a CG-standard world

Netflix’s live-action Avatar isn’t the only Last Airbender project that’s on the way

Lady Gaga is finally coming to Fortnite

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