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Dropout’s dropping CollegeHumor on its 5th anniversary — here’s why and what the future holds

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Lenny Kravitz wore his ridiculously huge scarf in debut TikTok

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Bethesda’s usual bugs make Starfield a wild ride

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Elon Musk doesn’t know his Mercy fetish is boring

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A year ago, Netflix earned its place in the Cyberpunk canon

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Taylor Swift Easter eggs are more than a puzzle — they’re a lifestyle

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How rain works in Starfield (and lots of other games)

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Monster Hunter Now tips and tricks for beginners

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Rick and Morty snuck a Zelda: Breath of the Wild reference into its trailer

Just buy a PS5? You can get a free game for a limited time

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How Johnny Cage became the beating, bloody heart of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat’s lovable asshole is the heart of Mortal Kombat

Diablo 3’s final season demonstrates everything Diablo 4 gets wrong

Like a Hurricane, the unofficial oral history of Street Fighter 2, is now on our merch shop

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth includes some sweet pre-order

Dimension 20’s Fantasy High cast will return for Junior Year this winter

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Groot and Minority Report helped No One Will Save You’s director build a puzzle box

Groot, Minority Report, and Contact all helped Brian Duffield clarify his mystery box

Video game actors vote yes to strike, if needed

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Friends mashup must be brought to life

SAG-AFTRA’s video game performer strike vote, explained

The Boys spinoff Gen V, Netflix’s Castlevania sequel, and more new TV to watch this week

Doctor Who’s greatest power couple is back in 60th anniversary trailer

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The must-watch anime to look out for in fall 2023

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The 18 most exciting video game releases of fall 2023

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A guide to the biggest shows ready to drop this fall

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Every major movie we’re watching out for this fall

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The 12 new sci-fi and fantasy books to grab this fall

Rick and Morty season 7 trailer introduces the recast soundalikes

Where to pre-order MTG’s new Doctor Who and LOTR-themed sets

The best TV of 2023 so far

The best movies of 2023 so far

The best anime of 2023 so far

The best video games of the year so far

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sequel in the works, star says

Ticket to Ride Legacy tosses American history in the trash, and it’s better for it

Why Mineko’s Night Market took 8 years to make

Analogue Pocket to get new (old) translucent colorways

The best shows to watch on Prime

Hallmark made an irresistible Sega Dreamcast tree ornament

Payday 3 needs more time to escape the shadow of its predecessor

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