Adr1ft canister 3-D printer file

Three One Zero’s first-person exploration game Adr1ft has gotten a lot of attention for its beautiful visuals and story parallels to Co-Founder Adam Orth’s social media history. But what hasn’t gotten quite as much attention is that one of the game’s key mechanics is breathing, which involves collecting air canisters to replenish your supply as you float in space, trying to figure out what happened around you.

To play into that idea, the development team sent over a 3-D printer file of an air canister that appears in the game, which will will work with most 3-D printers you may have at home, or through a store like Shapeways or Sculpteo. Take note of the cost, however, as you can adjust the size to your liking, but stores will charge a lot for larger prints (and the file’s default size is very expensive).

Three One Zero is planning to release Adr1ft through publisher 505 Games later this year. Check out our previous coverage of the game here.

Adr1ft Adr1ft
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