Pollen Google Cardboard VR screenshots

For its upcoming virtual reality space exploration game Pollen, developer Mindfield Games captured screenshots of its game you can see in VR with accompanying audio. And to make it easy on readers, these don’t require high-end hardware; you can view them with Google Cardboard.

"Imagine that everything you see in the pictures is interactive," says Project Lead Olli Sinerma. "Every object can be moved, every drawer or box opened and every item has a function like in the real world. You can take in-game polaroid shots with the camera or play a video game inside VR. This is the idea of Pollen: an actual virtual world you can interact with as you explore the story."

Sinerma says Pollen is on track to launch later this year, whether or not many VR headsets will be available to play it on, as the game will also work on standard screens.

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