Ray's the Dead plushie instructions

Ray’s the Dead is game about a zombie who eats people’s brains, so developer Ragtag Studio figured people might want a plush toy version of the main character.

Ragtag Co-Founder Chris Cobb says the team originally looked into having the doll mass produced, so it built one and shipped it off to a factory. But it couldn’t make the numbers work, so it decided against manufacturing in bulk. As an alternative, Ragtag sent Polygon the plans for readers who want to make their own, though Co-Founder Matt Carter is skeptical many will put in the time to see it through.

"The plushie is pretty inexpensive to make," says Carter. "You can get everything at a place like Jo-Anne's fabric for about $10. Putting the thing together is where the real investment comes in. For someone who has used a sewing machine before but isn't all that skilled, like myself, I think it might take about 12 hours."

At the moment, Cobb says more than half of Ray’s the Dead is playable, the game is up and running on PC, PlayStation 4 and Vita, and he hopes to finish it before 2016 — though he’s not ready to promise anything, given that the team has already missed announced dates. Check out our previous coverage of the game here.

Ray’s the Dead


Ray’s the DeadClick the image above to open the PDF file.


Ray’s the DeadClick the image above to open the PDF file.
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