Severed stereogram

Popularized by the “Magic Eye” books in the early ‘90s, stereograms allow people to hide 3-D images in what look, on the surface, like random textures. And as it turns out, developer Drinkbox Studios used them to help position objects while mocking up its Vita action game Severed. Severed achieves a 3D effect “by layering 2D planes at different distances from the camera,” explains Producer Graham Smith, in a similar way to how stereograms and cheap 3-D glasses work.

As a nod to that phase of the game’s development, Smith put together the stereogram below showing Severed’s logo. Check here for tips on how to see it.

Smith says Severed is currently playable from beginning to end, and the team is working to polish and tweak it before its planned release later this year for Vita. Check out our previous coverage of the game here.

SeveredClick the image to see it in high resolution, or here to cheat and see the original art.
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