Shadow Blade: Reload augmented reality game

For its upcoming side-scrolling ninja game Shadow Blade: Reload, developer Dead Mage created an augmented reality Android app where players can fight on top of a real world backdrop.

"We built the AR game on top of the mobile version of Shadow Blade," says Team Lead Amir Fassihi. He says that Shadow Blade: Reload Lead Programmer Hojjat Jafary and Game Designer Aryan Bina worked on the app for about three weeks, and that they had previously dabbled with augmented reality tech demos, but this was their first augmented reality game.

To try it out, download the file on an Android device, then open the app and point your camera at the dragon icon on this page. For best results, place the dragon art flat on a table, either by printing it out or by opening it on a tablet/phone/etc. that can lay horizontally. The video below shows it in action.

Shadow Blade: Reload is in Beta at the moment, and is scheduled for release on Steam in May, and on PlayStation 4, Vita, Xbox One and Wii U shortly after.

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