Volume 3-D screenshots

“I think I'm the only person I know who has had to replace the batteries in my home 3DTV glasses,” says Mike Bithell, designer of upcoming stealth game Volume and self described “nerd for 3-D.”

In that spirit, he decided to create screenshots of Volume that work with anaglyph glasses — the cheap paper-rimmed kind you often find packed into kids’ magazines or Stephen Colbert books. You can find the screens below in two color schemes: those that work with red/cyan glasses, and those that work with green/magenta glasses. And if you don’t have access to glasses, you can use a template on The Paper Project to create your own.

"I used the same tool I make regular screenshots with, but instead of taking just one picture, I nudged the camera slightly to the side to take a second image [to simulate a second eye]," Bithell says. "This required some precise thumb stick work. It was then a pretty straightforward job of adjusting for eye convergence in photoshop, and putting color filters onto the images so the effect would work."

Bithell says Volume is in the final bug fixing and polishing stage, and that he will be announcing the game’s release date soon. Check out our coverage of the game from last year here.

Red/cyan 3-D screens

Volume Volume Volume Volume Volume

Green/magenta 3-D screens

Volume Volume Volume Volume Volume
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