$25-$100 gift ideas

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Samsung Gear VR

You need one of four flagship Samsung phones to use the headset, but for $100 this is one of the best VR experiences you can have. It's an impressive piece of tech at a great price; consider it a tiny look at the future.

View-Master VR

Samsung's headset is higher-end mobile VR; the View-Master VR is decidedly more entry level, but it has perks. Built on the Google Cardboard platform, it works with iPhone and many Android phones, supports hundreds of mobile VR apps and is a sturdy piece of kit. It also has augmented reality reels for younger viewers.

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4: 20th Anniversary Edition

Buying for someone who grew up with the original PlayStation? This limited edition controller might bring a tear to his or her eye. Modeled in the classic PlayStation color scheme, this PS4 gamepad is a fantastic little throwback, complete with the original logo on the PS button. It's a sharp, functional and thankfully-not-overdone tribute.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One

Even a seemingly large 500GB hard drive buckles under the weight of several very large games, and many Xbox One owners are looking for a little storage help. You don't need a branded hard drive — but if you want one, Seagate's officially licensed option adds an extra 2TB of space for games, media, saves and more.

Octodad cardigan

Need a comfortable-looking clothing idea for a regular ol' two-armed dad — or anyone else with an appreciation for Young Horses' oddball Octodad: Dadliest Catch? Then wrap your tentacles around Fangamer's licensed cardigan, which features a subtle nod to the game's normal, unsuspicious father on the left breast side.

Every Day is Play by Game Paused

Got an empty coffee table to fill? Want a beautiful tome about the wonders of gaming? Every Day is Play is happy to oblige, as this stunning hardcover collects more than 300 pages of game artwork and tributes from notable creators. Buy it for a friend and you can flip through its glossy pages every time you visit.

Video game sweaters

Licensed gaming apparel now has a category you might not expect: holiday-themed sweaters featuring characters and logos from the likes of Street Fighter, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and PlayStation. Granted, a Christmas sweater given on Christmas might have limited appeal, but some of these can be worn all winter long.

SteelSeries Nimbus

Most iPhone, iPad and Apple TV games are perfectly enjoyable with touch controls — but some, especially those ported from other platforms, benefit from a proper gamepad. So get the Apple gamer in your life the SteelSeries Nimbus, which works with hundreds of games (on Mac too) and improves upon the earlier Stratus XL controller.

I Am Error by Nathan Altice

The original NES is absolutely iconic — but it started life as the Japanese Famicom, and I Am Error explores the system's life and legacy in impressive detail. While games are certainly part of the equation, this text puts a strong focus on hardware: the short-lived Disk System, cartridge changes and more.

Hulu gift card

Hulu is a cord-cutter's best friend — one of them, at least — and it works on all current consoles. So if you have a friend who never knows all the great TV shows you rave about, give him or her a Hulu gift card. Many hundreds of top shows are available, along with exclusive series, an expanding film selection and more. And now you can pay extra for ad-free service as well.

Retro Dynamite apparel

There's probably never been an official Mortal Kombat logo-emblazoned dress for women, but Retro Dynamite made an unofficial one happen. This Etsy shop repurposes oversized t-shirts from top gaming, comic, and other pop culture franchises and turns them into chic, handmade women's apparel.

The Broken Token Imperial Organizer

Open up any board game and you've immediately lost control. Even with little bags to hold everything, finding what you need when you need it is rough; and god forbid something is actually lost. Thankfully, The Broken Token has custom made laser-cut wooden organizers for all your bits. Just look at this Imperial Assault set! It's magnificent.

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