$300+ gift ideas

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Analogue Nt

The Analogue Nt isn't your average clone console: the eye-catching aluminum box has original Nintendo Entertainment System chips on its board and optional HDMI output, and it works with both NES and Famicom games and all accessories.

PlayBox 4One Mk II

Edward Zarick makes amazing things — like the ultimate console gaming laptop. The PlayBox 4One Mk II manages to jam both a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into a single unit with a flip-up 24in LCD monitor attached. It defies nature, but it'd be a hell of a thing to show off to pals. Besides, Wayne Brady has one.

Eleetus Motion Simulator

Want the sensation of driving in an arcade-like contraption while playing at home on a high-end PC? That's where the Eleetus Motion Simulator comes into play. It tilts and rocks dynamically while you play games like Project Cars and Dirt 3, with three 1080p screens and a powerful PC built right into the contraption.

DJI Phantom 3 drone

Given the smartphone app and the constant live video feed, flying a drone almost feels like playing a video game. DJI's Phantom 3 is one of the top options right now: it's stable, durable, easy to fly and captures pretty great footage all the while.

SNES controller coffee table

Do you want the same Ikea coffee table as everyone you know? Or do you want something amazing? Bohemian Workbench's Super Nintendo controller coffee table is hard-carved from mahogany, and all the buttons look just like they do on the real thing.

Game of Thrones Pro pinball machine

Stern is almost singlehandedly keeping pinball machine manufacturing alive, and you can have a brand new Game of Thrones Pro table under your tree if you have a very wealthy, generous friend. It builds a unique pinball experience around the beloved HBO series, and looks the part both inside and out.

Ideum Duet coffee table

Maybe wood isn't your thing; how about a coffee table that's a bit more interactive? Ideum's Duet tables, available in 42-inch and 46-inch models, are effectively massive, stationary tablets that come with both Windows and Android installed.

StarCraft 2 Raynor action figure

At this price, you might expect a statue, but this Jim Raynor figure is impressively poseable and made from more than 500 components. It comes with multiple firearms, and has light-up features, a removable helmet and flip-down visor.

Geek Chic GM's Valet

Shopping for a board game geek? The GM's Valet has all the fine craftsmanship you've come to expect from Geek Chic, but in a versatile piece designed to add to any gamer's repertoire. Just make sure you mark down who gets it in your will, lest there be an unfavorable encounter after you're gone.

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