Now’s the time to go PC.

Forget the new consoles. Forget the tablets and phones. Forget the handheld devices and their great games. Forget all of that. The PC as a gaming platform is in ascension. If you've been holding off buying or building a gaming PC, or just need an upgrade, now's the time.

PC hardware is better and more reliable than it has ever been. Games are abundant. And thanks to Steam and, arguably, Origin, you can play most of the biggest new games on a machine with more power and better graphics than consoles and reap the benefits of console-like multiplayer and team features. Not to mention digital downloads, which are better on PC than any console.

The best part is the options. Whether you're looking for a high-end race car PC, a budget rig for indie gaming, a box to put under your TV or something for all of the above, you can take your pick, mix-and-match and get it in the color you like.

We've pulled together some of the best options for getting into PC gaming, based on the PCs we built and bought ourselves.