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Throw a coin these days and chances are you’ll hit someone working on virtual reality game. Or developing VR software. Or trying to get funding. It’s a world that hasn’t yet been fully discovered, and in the tech industry that means everyone wants to get there first.

In the game industry, that means we’re starting to see a lot of very promising creative experiments. So for this month’s cover story, we’re looking at some of the most exciting virtual reality game projects currently in development.

Flip through the pages to your right for exclusive coverage Epic’s Showdown tech demo, a new game about love and prostitution from the developers of Papo & Yo, a new game inspired by Metroid from former God of War staff, the next game from the team behind Monument Valley and more.

And to kick things off, we wanted to do something a little different with our coverage, so we asked indie developer Nicky Case to put together a browser game showing a literal race for VR, with developers depicted as runners on a racetrack. It’s a simple, tongue-in-cheek game designed as an endless runner and filled with metaphors.

Try it out at the bottom of the page if you like. The controls are fairly sensitive, so keep your cursor in the middle of the screen and nudge it left and right to lean. The game only ends if you push yourself too hard and bump into five investors along the way.

Case also put together a non-interactive spectator version of the game for Google Cardboard, which you can download below.

Check out her other work at, or continue on to read about Sony’s PlayStation 4 VR headset.

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