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Richard Madden’s character looks at a holographic screen, on which a photograph of Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ character is visible.
Courtesy of Prime Video.

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4 reasons to tune into new spy series Citadel

The new Prime Video series, starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, is like nothing you’ve seen from the genre before.

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The spy genre is a staple for a reason. Who doesn’t love the gadgets, the epic stunts, the globe-trotting, or the satisfaction of watching a highly-trained operative complete a mission? It’s a specific type of thrill, one that’s delighted viewers for decades, and one that unfolds in the newest entry to the spy genre: Citadel. Prime Video’s thrilling new series has all of the beloved genre staples listed above, but throughout its six episodes, the show elevates the spy genre out of its tropes and into something more sophisticated, high-octane, and twisty.

Starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Citadel tells the story of Mason Kane (Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Chopra Jonas), two former spies who had their memories wiped eight years ago when the independent spy agency they worked for (known as Citadel) fell. In the wake of its downfall, a shadow organization known as Manticore rose up, intent on installing a terrifying new global order. With the help of a former Citadel colleague (Bernard, played by Stanley Tucci), Mason and Nadia reunite to keep Manticore from taking over — all while trying to piece together the past that they’ve forgotten. From executive producers the Russo Brothers (who know a thing or two about a cinematic universe), Citadel is just the start of a larger planned franchise that will encompass numerous shows set in different countries and languages. Below, more on that and three other reasons why you won’t want to miss Citadel when it hits Prime Video on April 28.

Richard Madden’s character Mason gazes at Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ character while backlit by a glowing yellow light.
Courtesy of Prime Video.

A badass pair of action heroes

As played by Madden and Chopra Jonas, Mason and Nadia’s relationship is sexy but also antagonistic, with the two simultaneously drawn together but also not sure if they can trust each other. In the beginning, they don’t remember each other at all, outside of weird dreams they can’t explain — the last remnants of their missing memories. But when their former colleague Bernard shows up to recruit Mason to help stop Manticore, Mason immediately seeks out Nadia, too, knowing that they work best together. Mason is methodical and skilled, but wounded from the past he can’t quite remember. And in a genre dominated by men, Chopra Jonas’ savvy and intuitive Nadia stands on her own and brings a female perspective that’s unlike any seen in spy stories before. As a pair, the two are delightfully exciting to watch whether they’re exchanging steamy banter or fighting off bad guys.

Twists and turns

Due to the nature of Citadel’s plot — like, that there’s a whole past life that Mason and Nadia can’t remember at all — there are many surprises in store throughout the season. As they uncover their pasts, they’ll discover betrayals, love triangles, double-crosses, unexpected familial ties, and shocking character reveals. Everything is not as it seems on Citadel, making it the type of show that viewers will want to keep up with every week in order to dive deep into theorizing (and avoid spoilers!). All of the characters have dark secrets beneath the surface, and you can bet there will be cliffhangers involved (possibly some literal ones).

Stanley Tucci’s character and Richard Madden’s character face each other across opposite sides of a black table.
Courtesy of Prime Video.

Jaw-dropping stunts in stunning locations

Any good spy thriller has to take you all around the world, and Citadel doesn’t disappoint. Mason and Nadia travel the world in their efforts to take down Manticore — according to reporting, production locations included Atlanta, London, Morocco, and Valencia. Those locations also allowed for unique, location-specific stunts, like the ski chase down a snowy mountain that’s prominently featured in the trailer. The stunt team behind another fan-favorite action franchise (hint: one that heavily features cars) is also behind Citadel’s stunts, meaning viewers will be in store for some thrilling, heart-stopping setpieces.

The start of a new franchise

The most intriguing aspect of Citadel is that it’s just the beginning. Citadel will be the first chapter in a planned spy franchise for Prime Video, with two other chapters already in production in Italy and India. Though each series will have its own characters and story (and, in some cases, language), they will all interconnect in a sprawling cinematic universe. Uniting that universe will be Manticore and Citadel as overreaching entities — as well as a common mission of elevating the spy genre in exciting ways.

Watch Citadel, a new series, only on Prime Video. The first two episodes of the six-episode season will be available Apr. 28, with the remaining episodes dropping weekly.

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