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Naruto game accused of using AI voice-over is just sloppy editing, admits Bandai

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YouTube has AI creator tools, but creators are too busy battling AI to care

Artificial intelligence is making it easier for creators to recreate others’ content

As his Kickstarter passes $1.3M, publisher defends Terraforming Mars’ generative AI art: ‘It’s too powerful a technology’

D&D publisher updates policies after AI art discovered in latest book

Hasbro’s AI aspirations include a partnership with a novel digital board game platform

Valve doesn’t have a problem with AI-generated games, but the law might

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Amouranth made a chatbot clone to outsource flirting — and protect herself

$25 and 25 minutes with our new girlfriend, AI Amouranth

You can download ChatGPT on iOS for free right now

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Can AI actually write good fanfiction?

ChatGPT, Bing AI, and Google’s Bard all tended toward writing straight ships

The viral ‘Harry Potter in Star Wars’ AI images are just the start of a global competition

The ‘Wes Anderson directs Star Wars’ AI art fad has its first full movie trailer

The latest and greatest AI ranks your hotness, for science!

‘Grandma exploit’ tricks Discord’s AI chatbot into breaking its own ethical rules

AI turns Furby into an object of (even more) eldritch horror

Puffer coat pope is fake, but the AI art’s impact is real

Ubisoft is testing an AI tool that writes NPC dialogue

The next level of puzzles.

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