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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 is happening now. For Prime subscribers, the two-day sale event will last through October 11, with some deals remaining available all week. It will be a great opportunity to get some of the year's best deals on all sorts of products, ranging from video games, accessories, PC components, tabletop games, movies, books, and much more. We'll be sharing all of the best gaming deals, plus anything else that we think you'll like.

Apple’s iPad, a great companion for comics, gaming, and more, is $80 off

Squishmallows, Lego, and more discounted for Prime Day

Star Trek’s Lower Decks and new Dune RPG are cheaper during Prime Day

Hoto’s electric screwdriver for DIY repairs is 65% off during Prime Day

The best video game deals under $40 during October Prime Day

Blade Runner, Alien, and Lord of the Rings’ 5th edition D&D books on sale for Prime Day

If you buy one thing for Prime Day, make it the Mörk Borg TTRPG

Here are Prime Day’s Magic: The Gathering deals

Dungeons & Dragons’ deadliest adventures are on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s October Prime Day is happening on Oct. 10 and 11

The best Prime Day deals still available

The best deals of Amazon Prime Day 2023

The best Prime Day competitor deals

Tons of Blu-rays and streaming services are on sale for Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: All the deals and tips in one place

Save $80 on an OLED Switch during Prime Day