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Dungeons & Dragons’ deadliest adventure is on sale for Amazon Prime Day

If you haven’t visited The Tomb of Horrors, you’re in for a... well, a really bad time, actually

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More and more Dungeons & Dragons groups are moving their weekly game online these days, but the physical books themselves are still best-sellers. That means there are always a lot of them in the warehouse for Amazon’s Prime Day sales, and this October Prime Day is no exception. What’s unusual, though, is just how many books are available at a good price. This is actually well more than was available in July, or during the holidays last year. The discounts even extend to D&D’s deadliest adventure of all time. Here’s our picks of what to look for, plus the complete list of all the titles on sale through Oct. 11.

If you’re looking other ways to expand your tabletop collection, we’ve rounded up the best board games, and Magic: The Gathering deals of October Prime Day 2023.

D&D rulebook, starter set, and setting book deals

First, if you’re new to D&D you can’t go wrong with the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit, which even after several years on the shelf remains our go-to solution for new players. Inside you’ll find dice, blank character sheets, a softcover rules reference document, and handy index cards — plus rules for sidekick characters that can help fill out a smaller party.

D&D adventure anthology deals

If you’d like a challenge for your group, snag a copy of Tales from the Yawning Portal. That’s where you’ll find the 5th edition remaster of The Tomb of Horrors, the deadliest dungeon in D&D history. Just remember to bring a 10-foot pole and 50 feet of hempen rope, or you might not make it out alive.

Finally, if you’re looking to get the D&D lover in your life a great present for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with Candlekeep Mysteries or Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, two excellent anthologies that are literally compatible with every D&D setting imaginable.

D&D campaign deals

D&D accessory deals

D&D toy deals

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