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Fortnite’s Zero Build mode has new strategies — but the same loot. Why?

Nintendo is the latest target of Saudi Arabia’s gaming investment

Phil Spencer apologizes as Bethesda delays raise questions about Xbox pipeline

Undone isn’t about escaping your past, but accepting it

Moon Knight ends with a fascinating, worthwhile failure

Barry is whatever show Bill Hader decides it should be

How to abuse tokens and frustrate opponents in Magic’s Streets of New Capenna

Warhammer 40K’s next boxed set makes a statement with its $299 price tag

Here’s every new Star Wars game in development

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Piepacker aims to be the ‘Game Boy of the cloud gaming space’

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The MCU’s future lies with those it previously neglected: teen girls

Severance isn’t a show about quitting your job, it’s about burning it down

Attack on Titan showed the industry just how big anime could get

The new Wonder Woman issue has to be seen to be believed

There’s so much untapped horror potential in super-monster movies

Elden Ring is my new favorite Alice in Wonderland adaptation

Bridgerton and Our Flag Means Death agree: Let people have sex

Moon Knight’s origin story evolved from ‘crazy person’ to Oscar Isaac’s relatable hero

Porn is coming back to multiplexes, in sneaky, provocative ways

We know who Lady Whistledown is … do we care?

Our pandas, ourselves: What the panda means for Turning Red’s mother-daughter relationship 

Bridgerton season 2 is a major departure — but did it work?

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Which Soulcalibur fighter could really defeat Yoda?

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Who could win in a race, Dominic Toretto or Lightning McQueen?

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Professor X vs. Magneto: Who’s the better sex ed teacher?

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We drafted Looney Tunes basketball teams to pick the true Space Jam winner

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Hulk and Thor’s Marvel rivalry may finally be put to rest

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The Dybbuk vs. the Golem, decided by Jewish scholars of every kind

Severance’s satirical mystery goes far beyond the dystopian workplace

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Years of Superman fighting Batman warped a symbol of hope into a villain

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A quixotic quest for the ultimate Dragon Ball power-level answers

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Daredevil fought a vacuum cleaner and learned a profound lesson

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