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What is giallo, really?

Bond music has been reinvented more times than Bond himself

Why Hollywood workers are ready to strike over the future of how movies and TV shows are made

Back 4 Blood is the best-case scenario for Xbox Game Pass

Welcome to the Blumhouse’s latest movies make a strong pitch for new voices in horror

Destiny 2’s most patient Guardians got a special Halloween surprise

No Time to Die ends Daniel Craig’s Bond run with an act of fate

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Revisiting the haunted heart of Constantine

No, Back 4 Blood isn’t as bad as it sounds for solo players

The wrong person won Squid Game

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer has given me hope

FIFA without FIFA? EA Sports considers a name change

Halo Infinite clips are everywhere, here are some of the highlights

Venom 3 is inevitable after Let There Be Carnage’s major debut

The best parts of Lucifer were the unapologetically goofy bits

Squid Game’s dark finale cements the show’s hope for humanity

Deathloop lets me play my way and get away consequence free

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In Wario World, the pursuit of treasure is worth more than treasure itself

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Virtual Boy Wario Land is a painful, nostalgic experience

Which two towers in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers are THE two towers? The answer is maddening.

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Wario is the ultimate Italian American

The refreshing cockiness of Mythic Quest’s Poppy Li

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Wario’s shoes are the window to his soul

How I learned to love Outer Wilds’ time loop

Star Wars: Visions’ ‘T0-B1’ nods to Astro Boy to rewire Star Wars’ outlook on droids

Deltarune Chapter 2 offers a brief reprieve in a world that’s still healing

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After Wario and Waluigi, where does Nintendo’s Wa Universe go next?

Star Wars: Visions, broken down by Stars, Wars, and Visions

If you liked Deathloop, you should read The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Netflix wins the Emmys’ biggest categories for the first time

Movie musicals are finally getting over their fear of singing

The answer to Life is Strange: True Colors’ biggest question is hiding in plain sight