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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Miles+ and rewards guide

Farm Nook Miles for upgrades and items to decorate your town

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A menu showing all the Nook Miles Plus tasks for the day, with all of them having multiplying bonuses on them Image: Nintendo via Polygon

The best way to farm Nook Miles, the new form of currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, is to complete Nook Miles+ challenges every day.

You can earn Nook Miles by completing long-term tasks, like catching new fish or spending lots of Bells. You can purchase upgrades like new hairstyles and expanded inventory with them.

After paying off your vacation fee for 5,000 Miles and opting to swap your tent for a house, you’ll unlock Nook Miles+ — New Horizons’ name for daily challenges. Those include repeatable tasks like planting flowers, catching fish, or just talking to your villagers.

There’s no limit on the number of challenges you can complete a day, and the first five challenges are worth more Miles than the rest. Prioritize the first five tasks you get every day to rake in the Miles.

A five times (5X) multiplier will also randomly begin appearing among the rest of your tasks. It’s not guaranteed to happen every day, however, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have any quintupled Nook Miles+ tasks after paying your loan off.

Tasks won’t ask you for things that you can’t do. If you’ve never changed using a closet before, it won’t ask you to change using a closet. If you don’t have the museum properly unlocked, you won’t be asked to get fossils assessed. The Nook Miles+ tasks can be any of the following.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Miles+ tasks and rewards

Nook Miles+ Task Reward
Nook Miles+ Task Reward
Catch five fish 150 Nook Miles
Catch five bugs 150 Nook Miles
Water eight flowers 100 Nook Miles
Plant three flowers 100 Nook Miles
Hit a rock five times 100 Nook Miles
Shoot down a balloon 200 Nook Miles
Plant one sapling 100 Nook Miles
Plant one fruit tree 100 Nook Miles
Talk to three villagers 200 Nook Miles
Sell items for 5,000 Bells 150 Nook Miles
Sell five fruit 100 Nook Miles
Make three DIY items 150 Nook Miles
Chop down a tree 200 Nook Miles
Chop 10 wood 150 Nook Miles
Change your outfit using your closet 150 Nook Miles
Take a photo 100 Nook Miles
Customize two items 150 Nook Miles
Sell a hot item 200 Nook Miles
Catch a specific bug 200-400 Nook Miles
Catch a specific fish 200-400 Nook Miles
Get three fossils assessed 150 Nook Miles
Spend 500 Nook Nook Miles 200 Nook Miles
Sell 10 shells 200 Nook Miles
Spend 5,000 Bells on buying items 200 Nook Miles