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Animal Crossing: New Horizons wedding season event guide and rewards list

Help out the happy couple to get some cute items

A pink and blue alpaca stand at a wedding altar Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
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June is wedding season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means that from June 1 until June 30, you’ll be able to help an adorable couple take some anniversary photos.

Once the event starts, Harvey will call you once you leave your house and tell you to head over to his island (accessible by the airport). Reese and Cyrus, the adorable wedded alpacas, are waiting for you to help them make a set to take some anniversary photos in.

How to get wedding furniture and clothing

To get all of the wedding event furniture, you’ll have to head to Harvey’s Island over the course of many days and do the following:

  1. Talk to Reese. She will request a specific setting for a photo.
  2. Make a set using the furniture in the “event” tab that fits her requirements. You can access this furniture by pressing Down on the d-pad.
  3. Take a photo of the couple.
  4. Talk to Reese again for your reward.
  5. After you complete the event for the first time, you’ll have to report to Harvey to start the event all subsequent times.

Every day, she’ll give you a piece of the wedding furniture set, as well as some Heart Crystals. The more event furnishings you use, the more Heart Crystals you get as a reward, capping out at 11 for the first seven days and 15 for the days after that.

There are 24 items in the wedding set, but you won’t need to do the event for 24 days to get them all. Reese will give you seven items the first week you complete the photoshoot: a Wedding Bench, Wedding Table, Wedding Flower Stand, Wedding Head Table, Wedding Pipe Organ, Wedding Arch, and a Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate.

Any remaining items, as well as duplicates of what Reese rewards you with, will be available to purchase with Heart Crystals. Anything you get from Cyrus will be mailed to you the next day.

Complete Wedding furniture and clothing list

  • Bridal Veil
  • Brown Wedding Flooring
  • Brown Wedding Wall
  • Cake Dress
  • Green Wedding Flooring
  • Green Wedding Wall
  • Reese & Vyrus Photo Plate
  • Wedding Arch
  • Wedding Bench
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Candle Set
  • Wedding Chair
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Wedding Flower Stand
  • Wedding Head Table
  • Wedding-party Wall
  • Wedding Pipe Organ
  • Wedding Pumps
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Wedding Table
  • Wedding Tuxedo
  • Wedding Welcome Board
  • White Wedding Flooring
  • White Wedding Wall

You will get both the Wedding Wand and Wedding Fence DIY recipes on the seventh day, after you completed a photoshoot six times. Talking to Harv will give you the fencing. Completing the photoshoot again and talking to Cyrus will give you the Wedding Wand.

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