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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day event guide, walkthrough and rewards

Help Jingle deliver gifts in exchange for DIY recipes

A New Horizons character hands a gift to a blue goat, Sherb Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo
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Toy Day is Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ version of a gift-giving winter holiday like Christmas, and it features a delightful reindeer named Jingle. There are a handful of event-exclusive rewards that can only be obtained on Toy Day, so you won’t want to miss out. Our ACNH Toy Day event guide explains everything you need to do to get exclusive DIY recipes and furniture.

When is Toy Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Toy Day takes place on Dec. 24 every year. You’ll know that the event is taking place, as Isabelle will say something during the morning announcements, and your villagers will be wearing santa hats.

How to participate in Toy Day

Jingle will appear in front of your Resident Services building on Dec. 24 seeking help. When you talk to him, he’ll give you the recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper, and will request that you make him three. The making one Festive Wrapping Paper will require one of each color of Ornament, which you can find by shaking pine trees.

Once you give him the three pieces of Festive Wrapping Paper, he’ll give you a Magic Sack to deliver presents. He’ll also give you Toy Day Stockings, which you can hang on the wall in your home. If you do so, you’ll be able to interact with the stockings and obtain Jingle’s Photo on Dec. 25. What a kind gift from the black-nosed reindeer!

Delivering gifts to villagers on Toy Day

With the Magic Sack in hand, equipped like a tool, you can talk to villagers to deliver them gifts. You won’t need to pick a gift based on their personality or anything like that, you’ll just need to talk to them to hand over a goody. Some villagers may even return the favor, giving you one of the toy items that were available from Nook’s Cranny throughout the month.

Once you deliver gifts to half of your residents, you’ll get a DIY recipe for a Gift Pile. Delivering gifts to every villager will reward you the Toy Day Sleigh furniture item. You can interact with the Magic Sack in your inventory to see how many gifts you have left to give.

You do not need to buy toys from Nook’s Cranny or have a Santa outfit to do this.

Once you’re all done delivering gifts for Jingle, you can also wrap up items and give them to your villagers. In exchange, they’ll give you presents. The presents will be randomly picked from the toys that Nook’s Cranny has been selling during the month of December, so if you missed out on buying any, one of your villagers might be kind enough to give you one for Toy Day.

Jingle’s Photo, the Toy Day Stockings, the Toy Day Sled, and the DIY recipes for the Festive Wrapping Paper and Gift Pile are all the event-exclusive items you can get from Toy Day. If you find yourself wondering where to get some winter- or holiday-themed items you saw elsewhere, you’re probably looking for a recipe you get from Snowboys or balloons during the winter.

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