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Harv’s Island Plaza – Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide

How do you get all these storefronts?

A green-haired villager stands in front of Kicks the skunk with Redd the fox in the background. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons now has a place for its wandering salesmen to set up shop: Harv’s Island Plaza. The big 2.0 update added a section to Harv’s Island where you can pay to give some of the vendors a permanent spot. Our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Harv’s Island Plaza guide explains how to unlock Harv’s Island, what vendors are available, and how to unlock them.

How do I unlock Harv’s Island Plaza?

Harv’s Island with the photo studio unlocks once you get three villagers living on your island. He’ll give you a call, and invite you to fly over to his island via the airport. If you’ve already been there, Harv will send a letter asking you to visit him on his island.

From there, you’ll head straight up past the photo studio and into the island plaza marketplace. You’ll be greeted by both Harv and Harriet, who tell you about the commune they’re opening.

You’ll have to donate bells to bring vendors to their spots; after you build a single one, Harriet will open up her salon at no extra cost.

What shops are available on Harv’s Island?

There are several shops you can open on Harv’s Island. On Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 release day, these are the available shops:

  • Shampoodle (Harriet’s hair salon)
  • Sahara (rugs and wallpapers)
  • Redd (paintings and sculptures)
  • Leif (bushes and crop starts)
  • Re-tail (Reese and Cyrus’ customization shop)
  • Katrina’s fortune shop
  • Tortimer (storage access from the plaza)

How much does it cost to unlock different shops in Harv’s Island Plaza?

To unlock the different vendors, you need to donate bells to the gyroids wiggling around in the shops’ respective locations. Aside from Harriet, who comes automatically with the first vendor, you’ll need to supply these gyroids with 100,000 bells each to open a single vendor’s shop. It’s donation-based, so if you wait long enough, other villagers may help out. Otherwise, you’ve got to pay up.

Harv’s Island Plaza only lets you open up one vendor per day — the gyroids will close up donations after a single vendor is fully funded. Without Animal Crossing time traveling, it’ll a full week to unlock each of the new shops.

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