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How to invite villagers to Happy Home Paradise islands – Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide

Build your favorite villager a house, but first: souvenir chocolates

a hamster villager and a goat villager play on the beat. the goat is kicking up sand Image: Nintendo via Polygon
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Nintendo released the Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise DLC on Friday, Nov. 5. 2021. The expansion to the game — which costs $24.99 by itself or is available with the $49.99 yearly Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack — allows you to travel to a new island archipelago and design vacation homes for villagers.

When you arrive on the island, you get hired by Lottie who runs Paradise Planning, a business that helps build and design vacation homes for villagers. Happy Home Paradise allows you to meet and create homes for different villagers — including ones that haven’t settled on your main island. However, if you want to build a special dream home for one of your favorite villagers from your main island in the game, you can. Here’s how you invite them over.

Invite villagers from your main island to the Happy Home Paradise islands

Before you begin, make sure you have decorated at least one vacation home and completed the opening tutorial. Once you do that, make sure you have at least 800 Poki, the currency of the island, saved up. (Lottie gives you 6,000 Poki for completing the tutorial so you’ll have more than enough when you complete it.)

Once you’ve completed those two tasks, go to the Paradise Planning office with Lottie and the others. Enter and walk over the lefthand side of the store toward the table of candy. Click on it, and it will ask you if you want to buy some souvenir chocolates — you can get one bar for 800 Poki or 3 bars for 2,000 Poki. Buy at least one, exit, and then go talk to Wilbur to return to your main island, and bring one of these chocolates back home to your main island.

an image of an animal crossing villager looking at a stack of box of candies. there is text on the screen that reads: “a box of souvenir chocolates costs 800 Poki... but I can get a discount if I buy several at once.” Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Once you’re back on the main island, go find the villager you’d like to invite over to the Happy Home Paradise islands. Talk to them, and gift them the souvenir chocolates.

This will prompt your villager to ask if you can take them over to the islands where you work. Say yes, and the game will automatically send the two of you back over together.

An image of an animal crossing character in a goat villager’s house. the text from the goat reads: “That sounds amazing! I’d love to visit myself someday, la baa.” And there is another bubble that has two choices, “I’ll take you.” and “Maybe next time;”  “I’ll take you” is the choice selected. Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Then, once you’re back with your favorite villager in hand, go back to Lottie’s office and tell her you’re ready to work. At that point, the villager you brought over will be on the beach. Just talk to them while you’re working, and it’ll prompt a dialogue window where they can become your client. Just say “Let’s chat!” and the game will launch you into the vacation home builder and allow you to build a customized home for them. Happy home designing!

Two animal crossing villagers standing on a beach. There is text that reads: “I wouldn’t mind building my own vacation home around here... Could we discuss the details together?” There are two options next to it. “Let’s chat!” and “Maybe another time;” Let’s chat is selected.
Make sure you tell Lottie you want to work before you go talk to your villager again.
Image: Nintendo via Polygon