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Happy Home Paradise unlocks guide – Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide

How to get all those fancy features

An Animal Crossing cat rests in a Japanese-styled home Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
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In this Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise guide, we’ll show you all Happy Home Paradise unlocks.

You’ll be tasked with decorating vacation homes with various techniques. These techniques, such as polishing, adding partitions, and creating countertops, unlock as you decorate more homes, and you can eventually even use these techniques back on your main island. Our Happy Home Paradise guide explains how to unlock these various techniques and how many homes you have to fix up to get them all.

When starting Happy Home Paradise, you won’t have the arsenal of new housing techniques available. You’ll need to design homes to unlock new techniques and features, like having two floors or polishing furniture to make it shiny.

Features keep unlocking in Happy Home Paradise until you make 30 different homes. After you unlock a new remodeling technique, you can use them in your own home back on your island (and eventually, in your villager’s houses back home).

ACNH Happy Home Paradise unlocks

Below, we list out the requirements to unlock specific Happy Home Paradise features.

Happy Home Paradise unlocks (complete list)

Unlock Required clients Requirements
Unlock Required clients Requirements
Polishing 4 On your fourth renovation, Niko will teach you how to polish furniture at the end.
Crafting table in the office, DIYs on the island 5 After your fifth remodel, Niko will give you a random vine/glowing-moss DIY and Lottie will talk about adding a workbench to the office. The bench will be added after your sixth remodel. The next day, DIY bottles will start washing up on the beach.
School facility 6 After your fourth renovation, Lottie will be standing in front of the empty school and talk about it. After your sixth remodel, she'll prompt you into redecorating it.
Changing room sizes 6 You learn this technique when you remodel the school facility.
Amiibo scanner 7 After your seventh remodel, the amiibo scanner will appear on Lottie's desk for you to use.
Wall partitions 8 After your eighth remodel, you'll learn how to make wall partitions through a DIY recipe.
Cafe facility 12 You can pick which facility to upgrade between the restaurant and cafe. The one you don't pick will unlock later.
Restaurant facility 12 You can pick which facility to upgrade between the restaurant and cafe. The one you don't pick will unlock later.
Customized polishing 12 You learn this technique when you remodel the cafe/restaurant.
Lightning 12 You learn this technique when you remodel the cafe/restaurant.
Visiting other player's designs 13 After 13 remodels, you'll be able to see other player's designs online (though you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription).
DIY furnishings in remodels 15 You can start using DIY items that you've made in the past during your remodels.
Counter tops and pillars 15 After your 15th remodel, Niko will give you DIYs for pillars and counters.
Roommates for vacationers 16 After your 16th client, you can now set up villagers to live together as roommates.
Soundscapes 17 Wardell unlocks natural and ambient noise to play in the buildings.
Second floors 18 After 18 remodels, you can start adding a second floor to your designs.
Hospital facility 22 After 22 remodels, you can start designing the hospital building.
Full access to your catalog 25 After you remodel 25 houses, you can now use all furniture that you have access to via your Nook Shopping catalog.
Apparel shop facility 30 After 30 clients, you'll be able to design a clothing store.
Decorating homes on your base island 30 After this, which is essentially "beating" the DLC, you'll be able to redesign homes back on your base island.

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