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Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a radical reimagining, and an extraordinary experience

Dragon Age: Absolution will satisfy fans, but leave them craving more

The Super Mario Bros. Movie warp pipe scene tests Chris Pratt’s voice acting

The best anime of 2022

Disney’s prodigal animated son, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, stars in a brand-new short

Strange World’s directors explain the Disney movie’s unexpected ending and allegorical twist

Disney’s wild fantasy Strange World dreams big, with one big exception

Pixar’s Elemental teaser raises 1 million questions about a world filled with fire and water people

Sonic faces a whole multiverse of Eggmans and Eggbabies in newest Sonic Prime trailer

Netflix is leaning hard into video game adaptations

Wolfwalkers’ studio gets emotional again with My Father’s Dragon on Netflix

Could Studio Ghibli’s Lucasfilm collaboration finally let Star Wars characters… enjoy food??

Netflix’s Dragon Age trailer reveals the cast for its fantasy heist gone wrong

Studio Ghibli is teaming up with Lucasfilm

The Dragon Prince’s complex lesbian relationship is more than lip service to queer fans

10 best donghua to get into Chinese animation

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Chinese animation is a vibrant, distinctive industry — so why do so many people still call it ‘anime’?

Donghua has its own identity, and it’s one worth knowing

Our big questions after The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos

The Dragon Prince could be fantastic — if it got over the fart jokes

X-Men: the Animated Series creators pick their favorite episodes for the 30th anniversary

Netflix’s Key & Peele reunion Wendell & Wild is a crafting miracle with a big story problem

Tim Burton taught stop-motion legend Henry Selick how to stay weird, but keep an audience

The Simpsons go anime in Death Note tribute

The best Chainsaw Man fights

The Dragon Prince’s new season 4 clip is a big ol’ lore dump about the mysteries of Aaravos

Vinland Saga season 2 trailer shows a world-weary Thorfinn searching for new purpose

The Owl House has TV’s best parents

The best one-season anime you can watch in a weekend

10 surprising movies that directly inspired Chainsaw Man

Unicorn Wars drags adorable animated critters through unfathomable horrors 

The new Owl House episode is available on YouTube

Evidence mounts that the Mario movie is a musical: Toad sings too

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