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You should watch Fright Krewe, because we need more shows like Fright Krewe

An earthquake changed one of Pokémon’s most promising seasons

Fionna and Cake is Adventure Time’s most impressive transformation yet

Here’s your first look at Masaaki Yuasa: Five Films, a box set celebrating an anime legend

Spy x Family season 2 finally has a Crunchyroll release date

Ramona Flowers works for Netflix’s defunct DVD program in the Scott Pilgrim anime

Scavengers Reign looks like a beautiful, bizarre adventure beyond the stars

Netflix reveals first look at its new Tomb Raider series

A new Devil May Cry anime is coming to Netflix

Eli Roth made an all-ages horror TV show, but it’s still scary as hell

Rick and Morty snuck a Zelda: Breath of the Wild reference into its trailer

A year ago, Netflix earned its place in the Cyberpunk canon

Rick and Morty season 7 trailer introduces the recast soundalikes

Studio Ghibli is getting bought by a Japanese TV station, but it isn’t losing independence

Fionna and Cake is getting the queer representation Adventure Time deserved

I’m mildly obsessed with Elemental’s water-people hair

The Bluey video game will heal my inner child

Disney’s 100-movie Blu-ray set is like Disney Plus in a box

Fright Krewe looks like the delightfully spooky animated adventure of my dreams

Ash Ketchum is gone, but Pokémon animation is going stronger than ever

The best anime to watch on Hulu right now

Castlevania: Nocturne’s trailer reboots the Netflix series without Warren Ellis

Strange Planet is a bit too strange

Hayao Miyazaki probably doesn’t want you to watch this trailer for his final movie

Netflix’s Chicken Run sequel is really pushing to be a Mission: Impossible movie

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Invincible’s creator previews season 2: ‘We know what you want, and we’re going to give it to you’

Adventure Time fans grew up, and the adult Fionna and Cake is very much for them

Fionna and Cake is here. How did Adventure Time end again?

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie is getting the 4K Blu-ray treatment it deserves

The Ernest & Celestine sequel is, improbably, one of 2023’s best political movies

Arleen Sorkin, the original voice and inspiration for DC’s Harley Quinn, dies at 67

Disney gave The Nightmare Before Christmas an incredible upgrade

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