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Batman is getting his own version of Cars

They fight crime, they’re cars, and they’re new in town

Bam, a sentient Batmobile, with a smirk and eyes, in promotional art from Batwheels. Image: Warner Bros. Animation

It is a universally acknowledged truth that children like talking vehicles, whether they’re trains, planes, or automobiles.

Now, imagine if that vehicle was also friends with a kid’s favorite superhero, and you’ve got Warner Bros. Animation’s Batwheels, a new cartoon show about cars who talk and are kids who are also Batmobiles.

Aimed at preschoolers, Batwheels has a production team with plenty of experience in that area, with credits on Doc McStuffins, the Baymax Dreams shorts, and the recent HBO Max exclusive Looney Tunes series.

The show will follow a team of five talking vehicles that were all recently created and made sentient by the Batcomputer, which might sound like the beginning of a Justice League level threat — but here the cars/motorcycles/planes/trucks have the minds of kids who just want to help Batman and his friends fight crime. The team includes Bibi (Batgirl’s motorcycle), Red (the Redbird, Robin’s car), Jett (the Batwing), and Buff (the Bat Truck, because I guess even Batman needs to haul something sometimes).

The leader of this inexperienced crew is Bam, the Batmobile, pictured above. I know what you’re wondering: Are his eyes the headlights or the windshield? Reader, I have no idea.

But I look forward to finding out. Batwheels will premiere on HBO Max and across Cartoon Network’s global platforms.

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