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Infinity Train Book 3 trailer prepares us for the ‘Cult of the Conductor’

Coming to HBO Max later this summer

The first trailer for Book 3 of Infinity Train, which premiered during the animated series’ 2020 San Diego Comic-Con panel, reveals new characters, new cars, and a new mystery. The subtitle is “Cult of the Conductor,” and based on the footage, promises an even bigger scope to the show.

Infinity Train, which debuted in August 2019, followed a young girl named Tulip who found herself aboard a mystery train in which each car led to a seperate pocket universe. The second book, which came out in January, focused on a new set of characters.

Like Book 2, the third installment focuses on another group of characters — but has a few that we’ve seen before. In this case, it’s Grace and Simon, the leaders of the rebellious faction that aims to increase their numbers instead of reduce them. Book 3 introduces us to two new passengers: Hazel, a young girl, and Tuba, an ape with tubas on his back. Obviously.

The first book’s great mystery revolved around how the train even functioned; the second book took that as a jumping point and interrogated the concept even further, as its central character, Mirror Tulip, figured out if she could even leave the train if she never had a number herself. Where will the third book go?

And could there be more? “We have eight different ideas for stuff we’d love to make,” Owen Dennis said on the SDCC panel, “each with different themes and topics. But we’d love to do comics and other media, too.”

All fans have to do is show up when the new season debuts. Unlike the other two books, which premiered as five-night special events on Cartoon Network, Book 3 of Infinity Train will rumble into the HBO Max station on Aug. 13.

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