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Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train pulls into the HBO Max station for season 3 this summer

The third installment is set to arrive later this summer

grace, simon, and hazel stand in front of a portal held by a purple gorilla. Image: HBO Max

Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train will return for a third season, only instead of rumbling into the Cartoon Network depot, it’s shifting tracks and rolling out on HBO Max, Warner Media’s new streaming service.

The first season of Infinity Train debuted in August 2019 and follows a young girl named Tulip who stumbles upon a mysterious train made up of an infinite amount of cars, each with its own separate pocket universe inside. With a strange glowing number on her hand, Tulip must figure out how to get off the never-ending train and return to her regular life. The second season picks up with Tulip’s mirror self (aptly named Mirror Tulip) and a new character named Jesse, whose journeys further interrogate how the mysterious train works.

Much like how season two followed a new set of characters on the train, the third season will follow Grace and Simon, two of the leaders of a rebellious faction known as the Apex that Mirror Tulip and Jesse encountered in season two. Instead of trying to lower their numbers and get off the train, the Apex does all in their power to increase the glowing numerals, wearing the long strings of numbers as badges of pride. In the third season, Grace and Simon become separated from the rest of their gang and encounter an optimistic young girl named Hazel.

The first two seasons of Infinity Train are currently streaming on HBO Max. The upcoming third season — set to debut later this summer — isn’t the only follow-up to a Cartoon Network show exclusively coming to the platform. The first of four Adventure Time specials debuted earlier this month.

Check out the full poster for the third season of Infinity Train below:

grace, simon, and hazel stand in front of a portal held by a purple gorilla. Image: HBO Max

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