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Anthem guide: Storm javelin

The Storm is in tune with the elements and all about using its abilities to take enemies out from a distance

Anthem Storm Javelin using ult Bioware
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Anthem has a variety of different javelins for players to choose from. While the choice of which one to pick first can be difficult to make, learning to master your favorite javelin is even harder.

For players that moved on from the starting Ranger and decided to skip the tanky Colossus or the sleek Interceptor, we’ve got everything you need to master your new Storm javelin.

Before we get into the detailed tips, let’s go over where the Storm javelin excels. Of all the javelins in Anthem, the Storm can stay in the air the longest and has abilities that specialize in dealing lots of area damage. This potent combination makes it the best javelin in the game for taking out large groups of enemies from a safe distance.

Now, for anyone who wants to get a little more out of their Storm javelin, here are a few tips to help you master Anthem’s most mage-like javelin.

Pick long-range weapons

The Storm is built almost entirely around being far away from the things it’s fighting. From its extended flight time to its extremely low shield and health, every feature is designed to help and encourage you to keep your distance from enemies. That’s exactly how you should pick your weapons as well.

The Storm excels at using weapons like sniper rifles and marksman rifles — high impact, high damage guns that don’t lose too much of their effectiveness when used from range.

As for your second weapon, choose something that’s all-around good at getting you out of a tight situation. That might mean an assault rifle or maybe even an SMG if you’re in the habit of getting too close for comfort. If you’re really committed to the range game, you can take a marksman rifle as your closer range weapon.

Anthem’s Storm Javelin
Anthem’s Storm Javelin

You can basically float forever, and that’s a good thing

If you’re playing Storm correctly, you should look at each fight differently from the way that any other javelin does. While Interceptors and Rangers may be looking for spots of cover close to the ground or around the area of the enemies they’re fighting, Storms don’t have to be so limited. After all, the Storm has the ability to hover for an extremely long period of time without ever touching the ground, so why stick to cover that your feet can carry you to?

Instead, you should look for spots in each room or area that will allow you to take cover while you’re in the air. Not only does this make you a less enticing target for enemies to hit than your ground-bound friends, but it also lets you get into positions with better vantage points. Float out from behind a particularly large stalactite on the roof of a cave, fire a few abilities then gently float back to safety before your abilities even make contact with their target. Rinse and repeat until every enemy is gone.

Pick abilities that compliment each other

Abilities are a Storm javelin’s bread and butter, so make sure to use them as often as possible.

When picking your loadout, choose abilities that will be useful in different types of scenarios. For instance, if you pick two big area-of-effect abilities with long cooldowns, like Lightning Strike and Arc Burst, you probably won’t be able to find times to use both. By the time you use one, the enemies are mostly dead, and it will likely be off cooldown when you need something like that again. Instead pick an AOE ability with a slightly smaller radius but a shorter cooldown, like Flame Burst. That way you can use it against two or three enemies when the larger AOE ability would be uncalled for.

Anthem’s Storm Javelin with different armor types
Different armor types for the Storm Javelin

Flying with the Storm is all about staying in the air

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, the Storm can stay in the air longer than any other javelin. But while it burns very little fuel while flying, activating flight burns quite a bit, meaning that you won’t be able to stay up as long.

Where other javelins have to stop and start their flying, the goal of a Storm should be to stay in the air as long as possible in one continuous flight. That means planning your route and knowing that you’ll need to give yourself plenty of space for turns. Otherwise, you’ll run into walls, cutting your flight short and burning more fuel than necessary.

Don’t use your ultimate for single target damage on a boss

The Storm’s ultimate, called Elemental Storm, is best at dealing a lot of damage to groups of enemies standing in a certain area. You can certainly do a little damage to a boss, but saving the ultimate for crowded areas is a much better way to use it.

The Storm isn’t the tankiest or most mobile javelin. Instead, it’s more focused on getting in the best position and staying there. As long as you find the best spot to float in the air, a Storm will let you rain damage down on unsuspecting enemies with its incredibly powerful abilities. Take them out from long range before they even know what hit them.

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