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Anthem guide: Triple Threat mission ‘deactivate barrier’ puzzle guide

How to deactivate the barrier with colors

The Manifold from Anthem’s Triple Threat mission
The Manifold from Anthem’s Triple Threat mission
Bioware/EA via Polygon
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Anthem is a game about shutting stuff until loot falls out, but there are also puzzles to be solved. In one of the game’s early missions, Triple Threat, there’s a color puzzle that can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To save you some headaches, here’s how to solve it.

The puzzle in question happens about halfway into Anthem’s Triple Threat mission, as you and your squad enter a giant circular room, and the upper right of your screen will read:

Recover the Manifold from the Inner Chamber
Deactivate Barrier

Around the room are three disks with bright shining colors on them.

Anthem Triple Threat puzzle
One of the disks

To progress through the puzzle, you’ll have to set each of these disks to the correct color, but it seems that the puzzle doesn’t always have the same solution.

To discover the correct colors is look around each of the disks. Somewhere nearby you should be able to find a small light with a color and shape that corresponds to the options on the disks. It’s not clear if these spawn in the same place every time, or if the lights can spawn in different places. In our case, one light was right next to the disk in question.

The light shining on the wall and the disk that needed it’s color changed

Another was under the bridge in front of one of the disks.

Anthem puzzle
A light under the bridge

And the last was on a small stone block next just in front of the disk.

A light on a small block

Once you’ve found the light that’s near each disk, change the disk to match the color of the light. When you’ve done all three, the shield on the Manifold will drop, allowing you to grab it and continue with the rest of the mission.

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