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Anthem guide: Crafting

Crafting is all about turning Challenges and embers into guns and abilities

Anthem - Freelancer running with rifle BioWare/Electronic Arts
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Upgrading your Javelin in Anthem is all about gear. While enemies and chests are a great source for new loot, crafting is the only surefire way to get what you want.

Anthem’s robust crafting system allows you to upgrade the weapons and abilities you like best, but it isn’t always clear how you’re supposed to do that. In this guide, we’ll help you collect the materials and blueprints you need to craft the best gear for your Javelin.

Anthem crafting materials

Crafting creates new and better versions of weapons and gear that you already have. When you upgrade existing items to a higher rarity, you deal more damage and acquire better secondary traits.

Anthem has three generic crafting materials: Chimeric Alloy, Chimeric Compound, and Weapon Parts. There are also four Ember crafting materials: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Masterwork. (There may also be Legendary Embers, though that isn’t clear yet.) Finally, there are unique crafting parts for each of Anthem’s Javelins — Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus, and Storm Parts.

In this section, we’ll explain them all.

What crafting materials do

Anthem’s crafting materials have different uses:

  • Chimeric Alloy and Chimeric Compound are general purpose crafting materials that play a part in almost every item you craft in Anthem.
  • Weapon Parts are for making new weapons.
  • Embers are for crafting blueprints of a certain rarity. If the item you’re trying to create is Rare (blue), you’ll need Rare Embers to create it.
  • Javelin-specific materials are for crafting items like support and combat abilities designed for specific types of Javelins.

How to get crafting materials

Using crafting materials is one thing. Finding them is another. Here’s where to look:

  • Chimeric Alloy and Chimeric Compound are plants and rocks during missions and Freeplay. You can also get them when you dismantle certain types of gear.
  • Weapon Parts are inside of part containers during missions and Freeplay. You can also get them you dismantle certain weapons.
  • Embers are random drops from harvesting. You can also get them from dismantling items of each specific rarity.
  • Javelin Parts are a byproduct of dismantling parts unique to each Javelin. For example, Ranger Components give Ranger Parts while Interceptor Components give Interceptor Parts.

You can also buy all of these resources from Prospero’s Vanity Store. Once you unlock Sayrna’s Regulator Store, you can also buy them from her, too. They’ll cost you coins, though, so buying enough for any weapon or components can get expensive.


Weapon blueprints in the crafting menu
BioWare via Polygon

To craft anything in Anthem, you must have its blueprint.

Blueprints have rarity levels that determine the stats of the item they create, the recipe, and the resources required to craft it. Every piece of gear in Anthem has a blueprint. As long as you have the right materials, you can craft it (with the possible exception of Legendary tier gear).

How to get blueprints

To get blueprints, you must complete specific Challenges related to an item. You can find these in Anthem’s Challenges menu. There you’ll see what you need to do and what the reward for completing the Challenge is. Higher-tiered Challenges unlock higher-rarity blueprints.

Anthem Deadeye sniper rifle challenge
A challenge for Anthem’s Deadeye sniper rifle
BioWare via Polygon

Here are the different kind of Challenges required to upgrade each type of blueprint:

  • Weapons come from completing weapon-specific Challenges. Each weapon has its own Challenges, which involve getting kills with that weapon.
  • Weapon sigils are the result of gaining loyalty levels with the Arcanists faction.
  • Ammo and armor components are the result of gaining loyalty levels with the Freelancer faction.
  • Ability and elemental components are the result of gaining loyalty levels with the Sentinel faction.
  • Javelin abilities come from Challenges that require you to have an ability equipped for a certain number of missions.

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