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Anthem Tombs quest guide: ‘Challenges of the Legionnaires’ walkthrough

Complete the trials of Artinia, Cariff, Gawnes, and Yvenia

Anthem - fighting a rock monster BioWare/Electronic Arts
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Anthem’s “Challenges of the Legionnaires” mission — or the Tombs mission as we call it — is the game’s longest, strangest mission. It involves running around the world and completing menial tasks to gain entrance to four ancient tombs. It’s a pain that stops your campaign progress until you complete it.

Here are all the objectives for the trials of the tombs and how to complete them.

General tips

Before we get into this, there are some things you should know about “Challenges of the Legionnaires.”

You don’t actually need to visit the tombs to get each quest. At any time, you can check your progress on these challenges in your Journal. Go to Challenges > Expedition > Freeplay, and choose one of the four heroes. You don’t need to visit the tomb until you’ve completed the challenge.

Your progress from earlier in the game — although we’re not sure when — will count toward these challenges. If you’ve already done a ton of collecting or exploration, you should be a bit better off starting this quest.

If you turn the difficulty down to Easy, you can get through these objectives quickly. But it’s worth mentioning that Easy difficulty negates bonus XP and bonus loot.

Trial of Artinia

The tomb of Artinia is in the Academy Ruins, west of Fort Tarsis.

World events — 5

This objective is tedious. Fly around the map in Freeplay until you see a purple circle on your compass and screen. This is a World Event. They’re random, and they give great loot and experience. Follow the instructions and gather your items from the chest. You’ll need to do this five times.

This is also a great time to focus on other objectives as you go, like kill and combos requirements.

Weapon defeats — 30

You’ll likely have this one before you reach this quest. Kill 30 enemies with guns.

Weak point defeats — 15

In Anthem, enemies have different weak points, depending on their class. You can shoot most enemies in the head, but you can shoot some, like the Colossus, in the back or on the side of the arm. Weak points glow gold when you hit them. You’ll need to kill 15 enemies with weak point kills.

Elite defeats — 9

Elite enemies show up in Strongholds and World Events. They say Elite in their name, so they’re tough to miss. Kill nine of them.

Trial of Cariff

The tomb of Cariff is in the Emerald Abyss, northeast of Fort Tarsis.

Missions — 3

For this step, do any three missions. You should have at least three missions from characters at Fort Tarsis. This is a good step to do early when you still need some of the other challenges. You can complete them as you go.

Gear defeats — 30

Depending on your class, this is something you’ll may have before you reach this mission. Kill 30 enemies with abilities.

Combo triggers — 15

Trying to understand combos in Anthem takes time, but they’re easy to pull off if you have the right abilities. Go into the Forge and equip a primer and a detonator. Primers have a circle with a dot in the middle on their tooltip, and detonators look like a four-pointed star.

To start a combo on any Javelin, hit an unshielded enemy with the primer. Once they have a red indicator above them — saying they’re on fire, etc. — hit them with the detonator to make an explosions. Every time you see “COMBO,” you’ll progress in this quest.

Multi-kills — 3

To complete this, you need to earn multi-kill medals (which show up on the side of the screen). In our experience, these are inconsistent at best. We recommend either dialing the difficulty down to Easy and killing quickly or waiting to use your Ultimate until a large group of enemies is around.

If you kill enough large groups, you’ll clear this objective.

Trial of Gawnes

The tomb of Gawnes is in the Fortress of Dawn, northwest of Fort Tarsis.

Melee defeats — 50

This one is easy if you’re a Colossus or Interceptor — both excel at melee combat. If you’re a Storm player, you’ll have to grind for these. You could also crank the difficulty down to Easy and run through missions or World Events while punching things to death.

Ultimate defeats — 50

If you’re casting your Ultimate the moment you get it, you can rack up a serious amount of kills in a short period of time. If you’re struggling with this one, focus on large groups instead of burning your Ultimate on a boss.

Legendary defeats — 3

Legendary enemies are difficult, boss-like enemies. Like Elite enemies, they pop up in World Events and other missions. You can tell an enemy is Legendary because the word “legendary” is in their name. You’ll likely complete this while doing the missions or World Event steps.

Trial of Yvenia

The tomb of Yvenia is in the High Road, next to Fort Tarsis.

Treasure chests — 15

Gathering 15 treasure chests is time-consuming. You’ll get at least five of these doing World Events, but the other 10 need to come from flying around and looking for their distinct glow. The chests shoot a blue pillar of light out of the lid, which is especially noticeable in caves or dark places.

A treasure chest in Anthem, complete with signature glow
BioWare/EA via Polygon

One trick is to enter The Dungeon, located in the Fortress of Dawn. You’ll encounter a few treasure chests that respawn, as well as dozens of harvest nodes. If you’re stuck on treasure chests, try loading in and out of here a few times.

Harvests —25

Harvest Nodes are everywhere in Anthem. If you’re paying attention, you’ll find all the nodes you’ll ever need while you’re in the open world looking for World Events. If you’re flying around the world, you’ll notice a pillar of light, similar to the treasure chests, sticking out of a rock, mushroom, or plant. This is a harvestable node, and it looks larger than all the other resources around it.

A resource node in Freeplay
BioWare/EA via Polygon

If you’re struggling to find some, go in The Dungeon in the Fortress of Dawn. Harvest Nodes spawn there.

Javelins repaired — 3

As long as you aren’t playing alone in a private party, this is the easiest challenge to complete. If you don’t have this done, jump into a public mission on Hard difficulty, and focus on reviving your allies when they go down. If you have a friend, have them go down on purpose in Freeplay to complete this.

Collectibles — 10

Finding 10 collectibles sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Look for glowing yellow sigils on the wall around the tombs during Freeplay. Get close to gather these. You can also find pieces of paper at camps or in caves that count as collectibles. Look for the magnifying glass icon to appear.

Note that collectibles in Fort Tarsis won’t count for this. You’ll need to find them all in the open world.

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