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Anthem guide: How to get new Javelin wear states

Standard, Clean, and New

BioWare/Electronic Arts
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Anthem may be all about the loot, but what’s the point of having the perfect guns if your Javelin doesn’t look great, too? While a nice paint job can do wonders for cleaning up your Javelin, the real key to a great-looking suit is all about the wear state.

Javelin wear states determine how beat up and battle-scarred your Javelin looks. You start the game with only the Old and Dirty options. But the best-looking options let you show off your Javelin’s paint job with the Standard, New, and Clean wear states. You unlock these in that order when you gain loyalty levels with the Freelancer Faction.

To gain Freelancer loyalty, you’ll need to complete contracts and missions from the faction. If you want the biggest reputation gains, complete every mission.

The other way to gain loyalty is to have conversations with Freelancer NPCs inside of Fort Tarsis. Here are the NPCs in Fort Tarsis that can give you loyalty for the Freelancers:

  • Prospero
  • Yarrow
  • Sayrna
  • Marelda
  • Jani
  • Neeso Giles
  • Mathias
  • Aunt Cardea
  • Jarek Arnel
  • Lienn
  • Sev
  • Max
  • Haluk

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