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Anthem guide: How to reach the level cap

The best ways to earn XP and hit level 30

BioWare/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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Mainlining Anthem’s campaign won’t to get you to the level cap at 30. You’ll probably reach the game’s credits somewhere around level 20.

After that, you’ll get access to all of Anthem’s content, but the game isn’t clear about what to do next. In this guide, we’ll show you how to earn XP, level up, and reach the level cap as quickly as possible.

Complete the remaining Agent Quests and Contracts

The fastest way to level up is to complete every Agent Quest and Contract.

Anthem’s Agent Quests and Contracts have predetermined orders. To move on to the next quest from one character, you often have to complete a mission from another character first.

No matter what level you are when you finish Anthem’s story, you’ll likely have one or two Agent Quests or Contracts in your quest log. Complete those, return to Fort Tarsis, and you’ll have a few more people to talk to. Accept their quests and repeat the process until either you run out of missions or you reach level 30.

If you run out of missions, use Quickplay

Anthem’s Quickplay mode allows you to join players who are already in missions — including those you’ve finished — and earn XP.

These won’t be as lucrative as the missions in your own story, but they’re still a good source of XP — and the best way to level up if you don’t have any missions remaining.

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