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Apex Legends guide: How to play Bangalore

What’s better than going fast?

Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Bangalore is the traditional soldier class of Apex Legends. She runs fast, shoots well, and is very concerned with the different parts of various guns. She may work like characters from other shooters, but she’s no less complicated than Apex’s other Legends. There are plenty of mechanics that help make Bangalore interesting to play.

To help you succeed when you drop into Kings’ Canyon, we’ll teach you how to use Bangalore’s abilities as she sprints into a fight.

Passive: Double Time

Bangalore moves faster for a short amount of time while she’s getting shot at.

This might be Apex Legends’ most useful passive. It serves as an early warning tool, a great way to get away if you need it, and even a useful offensive ability allowing you to dodge shots as you charge toward your enemy quickly.

The most important thing to remember when this ability is activated is not to veer off in another direction too quickly. If you’re turning frequently, you won’t get quite as much out of the speed boost. Instead, you should to stay in a fairly straight line or better yet, start sliding.

Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher

Bangalore shoots a canister that explodes into a wall of smoke.

It’s helpful to think of Bangalore’s smoke like it’s a mobile piece of cover. If you shoot it around yourself and your teammates, it’s pretty difficult for enemies to hit you just by spraying blindly. Even if you feel exposed, you’re safe to use the smoke to heal yourself or revive a teammate.

Bangalore’s smoke launcher has two charges. Look at the orange lights on the right side of the ability icon to see how many you have remaining. Since you can use two smoke grenades at once, it’s easy to completely block off two sides.

Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

Bangalore calls down an artillery strike that drops shells in a long line across the area.

Your artillery doesn’t hurt you or your allies so be sure to call out when you use the ability. More importantly, calling down Rolling Thunder can be the perfect time to advance on the enemy as they try to flee from the oncoming artillery.

If you down an enemy but can’t make it all the way too them to finish your kill, throw down a Rolling Thunder. At worst maybe you can do some damage or force the enemy team into hiding so you can advance. You may also get a kill or two, especially if you catch the enemy team trying to revive someone.

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